WordPress Website

If you’re trying to sell products through online, you should create a successful online store with good design, quality, functionality, and security. Plenty of platforms on the Internet which are used by the business owners to build their online store. One of the best platforms is, WordPress. In this article we are going to see how the WordPress Website is a good choice for an online store.

WordPress – An Amazing Platform for online business

According to the latest survey, more than 20,000 people in this world make their lives as WordPress developers, designers and consultants.

Around the world, over 72 million people are using WordPress for their personal or business websites. WordPress is a popular open source Content Management System powered by MySQL and PHP. Currently, it’s very popular and user friendly platform. Popular websites that using WordPress are CNN, Samsung, Sony, The Mozilla Blog, The Wall Street Journal, Flickr, TechCrunch, New York Observer, PlayStation, Yahoo, eBay, Digg Blog, Woo Themes, Ford, Webmonkey, Search Engine Land, etc.

Why to use WordPress for an online store?

Themes: Most of the online customers visit the store based on its look. Themes are the most important one that every online store owner should concentrate. The online store will be visited by a large number of customers when its look is very good and attractive. WordPress offers the thousands of beautiful themes to make the website very professional and rich.

Plug-ins: There are a large number of plugins available to add new functions to WordPress. This plug-in makes the WordPress Website more popular. The plugin allows the developers and the users to use it for different purposes. WordPress has more than 26,000 plugins which are used to provide different features and functions in order to meet the requirements of all the users. It is very easy to use the WordPress plugins.

  • WP eCommerce is one of the most popular and strong eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Simple to download, install, and use. With this plugin, you can add a new product easily and also you can add lots of products in your online store. If you want to change anything on your website, it allows you to update without taking too much of the time.
  • Woo Commerce is a new eCommerce plugin for WordPress developed by Woo Themes on August 25, 2011. The woo Commerce plugin is similar with WP eCommerce but it had some differences. One of the main differences is woo commerce cannot apply for a lot of themes. It gives lots of menus such as Setting, reports, orders, coupons which make your online store customer friendly.

Easy Customization: Professional developers customize your website based on your business requirements. It provides a flexible website that helps you to easily manage the content, images, multimedia, etc.

Promote Products: The powerful tools of WordPress provide the website with good navigation to offer better user experience and to increase your online business. It also helps you to easily increase your brand awareness and promote products in the online business market.

WordPress Website supports SSL certificate to build customer trust and ensure the website security. It provides various features on your blogs, such as image sliding, permalinks, user registration, image captions, custom header and footer, comments, newsletter subscription, community polls, added graphics, etc. Finally, we can conclude this article that WordPress is a good choice for online business.