Python Development

Which programming language should I learn?

If you are planning to build a career in the coding and software development industry, you must be wondering which programming language you should choose.

Python is the best choice, hands down. It’s easy to learn and is extensively used for all types of app and software development projects. Besides, many apps are built on Python. Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, Netflix, and Dropbox are a few to name. Most software developers are using this multi-purpose programming language to build high-quality and bug-free mobile apps.

Another reason why Python is considered the best programming language for beginners and expert developers is that it allows you to learn other coding languages easily. 

What is Python?

Python is a multipurpose programming language, which has an extensive use case. From web development to mathematical computation, Python is used for many programming applications. 

Python has been existing since 1991, but it has gained popularity recently after the launch of Python 3. The reason programmers love this object-oriented programming language is that it has multiple applications. From simple tasks to complex software development projects, Python has many uses. 

Let’s check out the reasons you should learn Python.

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It has a High Demand

With the growing demand for software engineering and website development projects, the demand for Python development experts has skyrocketed lately. More than a million vacancies for software developers remain unfilled every year. 

This shows us the scope of software development jobs in the coming years and how Python experts will remain in high demand. The average salary of a Python expert is $125,000 p.a in North America, which is only a rough estimate. It varies depending on your experience, the job you are applying for, and other qualifications. 

It’s Easy to Learn

Learning a programming language is not a breeze. Ask any software engineer, and they will tell you how much time it took them to learn the basics. Python Development is not like its fellow programming languages. It’s easy to learn—whether you are a beginner or an intermediary. The language is easier because the code is written in plain English. 

This makes Python suitable for small and routine business tasks. You can’t really spend hours typing the Java or C++ code to fix a small bug in the software. If the software is built on Python, you can quickly fix any bug, add more features to the program, and modify the code.

It Has Many Uses

We’ve mentioned it before. Python development has multiple uses. From being used for day-to-day business tasks to creating a big software application, Python is one of the powerful object-oriented programming languages that can perform many tasks effortlessly. 

Career-wise, Python is the best language you can learn because it is used in data mining, AI, Machine Learning, game development, graphic designing, software testing, automation, rapid application development, and there’s a never-ending list. If you are interested in any tech-related field for your career, Python will make a great addition to your resume. Once you have learned the basic to advanced Python, you can use it to learn complex maths and build software apps in simple clicks. 

Learn Python Now!

Learning Python Development is a great decision for anyone building a career in the IT industry. The basic knowledge of Python is mandatory in all types of software engineering and development jobs at the IT firms. Other companies require you to be proficient in Python to get a job as a junior software developer or web developer. So, why wait? Add another skill to your resume. Learn python and increase your chances of getting hired.