Summer is indeed a challenging season for fashion lovers. We usually prefer to stick to the minimal of make-up and dressing and more of the focus is towards our comfort. So there is actually too less to work on and yet deliver trendy outcomes. But you could definitely make it interesting with mix and matching colors and styles while remaining comfortable and beating the heat off your shoulders. Fashion designers do define particular styles for different seasons with summer being the brightest, chic and cheery time of the year.

So let us explore the tips we would need to be presentable this summer.
Let your skin breathe:
We concentrate on our face but forget that our skin all over the body needs some breathing space. With the scorching heat, it is best to let our skin ventilate with the most flowy and free style dresses possible. Trust me a self embellished gown could make you feel cool than a tight jean during summer.
Be cautious about the fabric:
Yes, fabric is important. During winter, we could play around with different types of fabric from silk to linen and wool but during summer, cotton is the soul magical fabric which could save you. Keep your dresses very simple with minimal work like beads or borders and stick on to self- embroidery instead.
Use protective wear:
This is the time to replace jackets and overcoats with light weight scarf and hat, preferably a huge hat to protect you from the sun. Scarf could help you sweat less. Pairing this with sunglasses would take charge of the fashion quotient undoubtedly.
Select your colors with care. Be conscious about your colors as dark colors absorb all the heat making you feel hotter! Go for white or lighter shades to look and feel pleasant.
Take care to wear light or minimal make -up during summer. Make-up with sweat could be terrible. Not alone looks, it could effect your skin. Try to reduce make-up and let your skin free to glow its natural shine.
Avoid overload:
Make a choice to travel free without any extra load like huge travel bags. Opt for a sling bag with only essentials stuffed into it.

It is a general notion that our foot sweats as our body. Take care while selecting the material of footwear avoiding rigid and sturdy soles. Go for soft lined footwear with an extra sizing for your foot to make it really spacious.
Cut down on accessories:
Though it would look great to go for blending accessories, summer is not the right time to experiment with different types of jewelry. Keep in mind not to overdo your looks and let it remain simple.
Stay free and covered:
Avoid tight fitting dresses and make sure to protect your skin from sun exposure. The more you cover your skin with fabric, the safer your skin will remain.

Summer is always welcomed with a listing of tips and a sense of fear about facing it. But actually this is probably the best time of the year to try out every type of weird styling option that exists. So remain cool and have a great summer ahead! Checkout tips and trends in latest Fashion apps available in the market.