Swimming is a chilling sport and the very thought of swimming brings with it freshness, fun and a sense of enlightened spirit. One major advantage of swimming is that it is not bound to hard and fast rules with regard to age group or any particular season of the year. This sport is open to all at any time! So what is it that people are attracted towards this sport?

Based on a survey by Fitbit activity index, swimming has secured the 3rd position as the most preferred fitness workout in Great Britain.

Few factors on Swimming on why it is most important for fitness

  • It is cost effective:

Yes. The first aspect which inclines health conscious people to opt for swimming is that it is not expensive. It does not include any high-tech equipments but just requires a cap and it suit to begin your swimming regime.

  • Great option for weight loss:

It involves the coordinated movement of whole body which flexes muscles and bones to a great extent. It is an extremely effective alternative to gym workout and can do wonders to your body in burning unwanted calories and fat.

  • Helps in improving posture:

In today’s sedentary lifestyle, a major setback we experience is the posture while sitting, sleeping, walking and so on. This paves way to many health problems. Swimming is a boon for such people as it greatly helps in improving posture thereby eliminating risks pertaining to the spine, bones and joints.

  • Open to all:

Swimming is a universal sport with no bar on the age. Children, adults or even senior adults could begin swimming out of sheer interest. It is a simple yet effective way to feel good all the time.

  • Stress buster:

With people looking for good options as stress buster, it could come to their rescue. It is an exceptional stress buster as it helps people feel great after a tiring day. This sport is refreshing and involves the working of the whole body as a unit.

  • Excellent cardio:

If you are a person who dreads the gym for cardio, It could be a better option. It takes charge of your cardio workout giving to exemplary results. You could enjoy the water, the weather and the surrounding while working out. Rejoicing. Isn’t it?

  • Chill out:

It is probably the coolest way to tackle the summer heat. Simply stay into the pool for hours together to escape from the heat and refresh your body and soul, both alike.

  • Strengthens bones and joints:

This comes along with swimming. It includes the usage of bones and joints, lubricating its movement and strengthening it. People who would like to improve their body flexibility should definitely consider swimming.

  • Resistance towards asthma and breathing disorders:

It includes breath control techniques and exercising in moist air. This invokes a immunity against asthma and several other respiratory issues.

  • Trimmed body:

This is for those who are too body conscious. It trims your body structure, shedding away unwanted fat, making you lean, tall and beautiful.

With so much and much more to swimming, have you packed your back pack for the dive yet?