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Papaya is a natural tendency for us to overlook the benefits of things we can casually access. Especially when we focus on diet and fitness, we go to the gym, try combinations of nutrition powders and what not. We prefer consulting the doctor multiple times rather than reiterating on a healthy lifestyle.

Papaya is one such essential fruit which is a magic wand to ward off several complicate disorders.

As Christopher Columbus named it, “fruit of the angels” due to its taste, vibrant color and smooth texture.

So what is the specialty about papaya?

To begin with Papaya is a very rich source of Vitamin C.

A medium sized Papaya contains:

  • 2 grams of protein in it
  • 120 calories approximately
  • 30 grams of carbohydrate which also includes 5 grams fiber and 18 grams of sugar

It also contains:

  • Panthothenic acid
  • Minerals like Magnesium, copper
  • Vitamin A
  • Folate

It is also rich in beta-carotene, potassium and lycopene that keeps cancer at bay.

With this idea let us read more about the benefits of Papaya:

  • Stimulates bone health:

Vitamin K is quiet important for the human body to absorb calcium from sources. It contains Vitamin K which reduces the loss of calcium through urinary excretion, helps in retaining calcium and hence leads to improved bone health.

  • A boon to fight diabetes:

It is magical on diabetic patients. It helps controlling the blood glucose levels in type 1 diabetic patients and also supports in improving sugar levels, insulin and lipid in type 2 diabetic patients.

  • Protects from heart disease:

Increased Potassium intake with a lowered sodium intake helps improve immunity against cardio-vascular diseases. It contains bountiful amounts of these minerals to support heart patients.

  • Promotes better digestion:

It is rich in papain which helps smoother digestion. This particular ingredient are used for ages to soften meat. This fruit has plenty of fiber and water content which is easy on the digestive tract and eases the complete digestion process.

  • Fighter against cancer:

Anti-oxidant beta carotene is a fighter against cancer. In men, it arrests the occurrence of prostate cancer. Regular intake of it may indeed fight against such medical conditions.

  • Protection against Asthma:

Papaya, apricots, broccoli, pumpkin and carrots are rich sources of beta carotene which helps in protecting the human body from Asthma.

Papaya intake:

It is consumed as raw or ripe. Though ripen papaya can be eaten just like that, it is always advisable to cook raw papaya for consumption. Also, Pregnant women are not recommended to consume papaya because it has the tendency to trigger contractions.

Other risks:

It contains an enzyme called chitanases which may not be suitable for people having a latex allergy. Chitanases causes a cross reaction between latex and the edible food which include this ingredient. Again, though Papaya seeds taste bitter they are perfectly safe for consumption.

Wrap up:

To summarize, Loaded with vital nutrients it has the in-built capacity which supports a healthy lifestyle. Including this amazing wonder to our daily diet will contribute towards a disease-free, healthy well-being.