What does the thought of tennis remind you of? Plush green lawns? Balls being smashed across the ground? People sitting elegantly on either sides and enjoying the game? Well as we see tennis has always been a sport of grace and discipline. It has also been a very fashionable sport. How could a sport be related to fashion? The perspiration, sweat and mud cannot be ever fashionable. Isn’t it? It can be and it has successfully maintained a sense of fashion across its ages of existence. Thanks to the players who have always made it a point to be trendsetters.
The 1920s saw Bill Tilden with a peppy style. Even today the v-neck shirts and trousers have been carried ahead. Great players like Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova experimented with tennis uniforms in lace and denim. Let us see how the game has changed and revived itself through times.
In the 1900s:
Tennis was a game which originated in Britain. White was labeled the color for tennis which also symbolized richness and royalty. Women had to wear long skirts with long sleeved tops and stockings.
In the 1920s:
This age saw a stir in the tennis uniform with t-shirts which were of breathable material. French player Suzanne Lenglen was the first to play with bare hands and knee length skirts.
In the 1930s:
Helen Wills ushered the fashion of wearing short pleated skirts with her signature visor.
American player Gertrude Moran caused a stir by introducing shorts and tops with ruffles.
This period saw many changes in the attire worn for the game. British player Fred Perry introduced his brand of sportswear and uniform was in particular all about skirts with pleats, cinched waists and decorative cardigans.
With time the attire changed and the latest uniform for tennis is all about pleated skirts which are knee length and t-shirts of comfortable material.
How did tennis originate?
Tennis basically originated in Britain and was initially played during get- together and social meetings. Usually this game is played during summer and so white is the most preferred color for the uniform. Though we see that fashion has been directly proportionate in the way it has grown over the period of time, there have been strict rules when it comes to discipline and type of clothing to be worn during the game. As of now there are four Grand Prix titles for which the players compete,

US open
French Open
Australian Open
Tennis has been a game to smash conventional trends in the sports and fashion arena. It has won hearts of all by being in the limelight with changing fashion styles. Think twice before you conclude a sport to be rugged and sturdy as tennis is here to break the norms!