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Social media sites play an important role in the eCommerce business industry. It acts as a powerful marketing tool to increase the visibility of the eCommerce websites. In order to help the Magento based eCommerce store merchants the Magento Development team developed many modules which integrates the Magento eCommerce software with the social media sites. In this article we are going to see about the social media integration in Magento eCommerce.

  • Magento is a feature rich open source eCommerce platform which is trusted by more than 199,000 online store merchants.
  • Magento supports multiple currencies and multiple languages in order to provide the Magento eCommerce store services to all the people.
  • Magento is easily integrated with many payment gateways to make the payments in the Magento store very fast and secure.
  • Magento is an ideal platform for all types of eCommerce business.
  • The store owners who have more than one or more shop can use the Magento software. Because Magento supports multi store functionality, that means the merchant can control his all online shop by using the single admin panel.
  • The flexible admin panel of Magento allows the merchants to make any changes in their own online channel.
  • The most popular brands that are using Magento is Nike, Fox Connect, Lenovo, Ford, Samsung, Smashing Magazine, Olympus, Vizio, Nestle Nespresso, etc.

Integration of Social Media Sites with Magento

Every day, millions of people visit the social media sites. There are more than thousands of social media sites are providing the services to the people. The most popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Deviant Art, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, VK, Instagram, Technoratti, Digg, Reddit, Blogmarks, etc. It provides an opportunity to widen business contacts. It allows the users to share the photos, videos, files, events and product information, etc. Magento can be easily integrated with many social networking sites. But here I am going to explain about the integration of the Magento eCommerce with the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Yahoo, and LinkedIn.

Facebook: More than 700 million of people visits the Facebook social networking site for different purposes. It is the 1st social networking site that is used by more people in the world. The Magento eCommerce software integrates with the Facebook to allow the users to login the merchant site by using their Facebook account details. It also allows the users to share the product photos and videos to the other social users. This will increase the visibility of the store to the millions of people.

Twitter: According to a survey, nearly 250,000,000 people visit the Twitter site for per month. It is the 2nd social networking site used by more people. The Magento eCommerce software integrates with the Twitter to allow the users to login the merchant site by using their Twitter account details. It saves more time for the visitors.

Pinterest: Pinterest is a social tool which is the 3rd largest social network in the U.S. and it is used by more than 104 millions of users in the globe. The Magento eCommerce software integrates with the Pinterest social networking site to share the web store photos and the blog photos on Pinterest.

Instagram: More than 50,000,000 people use the Instagram social networking site to share the photos and the videos. When Magento integrates with the Instagram, it allows the store owner to display the Instagram photos on your store. It attracts more number of customers towards the website.

Yahoo: Over 700 million people visits the Yahoo social networking site for per month. It holds the 3rd position in the most popular social networking sites that are used by the people. Magento integrates with the Yahoo to allow the users to login the merchant site by using their Yahoo account credentials.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social networking site available in 20 different languages to provide its services to all the people in the globe. It consist of more than 259 million users in over 200 countries and territories around the globe. Magento integrates with the LinkedIn to allow the users to sign-in by using their LinkedIn login details. It will avoids the spending of time for filling the long registration form.

The Social Media Integration attracts many people towards your site. This will rapidly increase the number of customers and the productivity of the Magento eCommerce store.

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