Facebook complete pack

It is the dream of every retailer to be able to connect across to a huge customer base and promote products. Though this may sound easy, the expenditure and effort which goes into it is very huge. I as a start-up retailer dreamt to widen my target audience, I wanted to badly evangelize my products, my website and spread the word about my online store. All this meant marketing expenses, strategy making and too much of technical thinking. Somehow, I did not own the know-how to handle all this and wasn’t in a situation to be able to learn it. Such being the situation I concluded on searching for a third-party help and got to know about Facebook Complete Pack module.

Concluding on egrove:

While I was contacting several companies regarding my requirement, I came in touch with the expert marketing strategists in egrove. I must say that their approach towards a layman like me was extremely appreciable. They took the time out and effort to make me understand the nuances involved in the online space and how I will need to improve my online presence. They gave me varied options of how I could connect to various customers and augment my target audience rather than sticking on to a specific set of people.

The product I chose – PrestaShop Facebook Complete Pack 

I chose a product which I felt would be best to serve my purpose. The product was named “Prestashop Facebook complete pack module”. This product could be integrated right away into my online shopping space as it was exclusively meant for Prestashop websites.

The features of this product:

To begin with, this product facilitated an option to log into my shopping space with a Facebook login. The users can however choose if they want to use it or not. The users can integrate their Facebook profile, export product details, photos to and fro from my shopping space to their Facebook login page. This feature also helped in sharing my website details with ease. As the admin, I could easily monitor the happenings on my website. I could easily track the increasing number of customers and the improving reach of my products and website. The number of enquiries which were pouring into my website kept steadily increasing.

How I gained an advantage:

  • The first aspect I enjoyed was the promotion of my product. People identified my products and brand after this change on my website.
  • I could use the power of social media to establish my online shopping space to a great extent.
  • I was benefited by word of mouth. People began to share reviews about my web page and products.
  • With social media as a medium I could focus not only in local sales but also promote my products across geographical limits.
  • The level of customer engagement on my website improved. I was able to understand my customer demands and also respond to them in a better way.
  • Prestashop Facebook complete pack is multilingual which supports several languages which helped me cater people from diverse geographical backgrounds.
  • The product from egrove gave me several features to control the entire web page which was very simple to comprehend.

My experience with egrove right from purchasing the product till the integration and also extended support was great. I feel this product is a must for every retailer.