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Do you wanna know how I elevated ROI and happy customers with Elite Site Optimizer tool?

I was primarily running a chain of boutiques. It suddenly dawned on me about the necessity to have an online store and I started off with it. As a layman, I did not know anything about online web pages so as anyone else would do; I outsourced my plan of managing my brand’s online presence. After interacting with my vendor, I came to know several aspects involved in maintaining a web page and I began to take over few parts of it. Though I was happy with my vendor I found that there was a certain gap in the services they provided me. With respect to regular updates or probably proactively managing my web page. I started receiving concerns from my customers that my web page was not updated and where could they find my latest designs and stuff. I gave it a thought and realized it was indeed time for a drastic change.

My option was Elite Site Optimizer:

I bumped into Elite Site Optimizer and I am till date delighted that I bumped into the right option. I reached out to their representatives and was told that it is an automated SEO tool which could take care of all my web page functionalities. Well, that was pretty okay with me. I went ahead for their services. Gradually what I found was “taking care of functionalities” is too modest a term to define Elite Site Optimizer. This tool actually drilled into every possible nook and corner of my web page. I was asked for regular updates to put on my web page. My customers remained well-informed about the happenings in my boutique.

The technical side:

As I mentioned earlier, I am not aware of the techniques which go into SEO. The way Elite Site Optimizer handled my web page; I began to learn from the progress happening in my website. I could see the changes myself. Elite Site Optimizer includes a number of features like keyword rank analysis, link checker analysis tool, missed opportunities report to name a few. These features checked for the right type of keywords to be put in the right place on my web page. The line checker analysis feature supervised every possible link on my web page and informed me about probable corrections. The missed opportunities report gave me a detailed report of how I lost on opportunities due to poor navigation, unsatisfactory content or improper placement of products on the web page. Elite Site Optimizer took care of every minuscule aspect and kept dumping me with information in the form of reports which I could really understand and relate to my business easily.

Changes accomplished:

After adapting Elite Site Optimizer for my website, the potential traffic which my website has driven is exemplary. I find a considerable increase in the number of inquiries I get through my website. This is proof of how well my website strategy has worked and it has all been possible due to Elite Site Optimizer. I am able to understand the requirements of my customer base in a better way and make modifications in the way I have been running my business all these years. Altogether, Elite Site Optimizer has given me the desired output that is an elevated ROI and happy customers.