sedentary lifestyle

Are you a couch potato? Time you change!

How long has it been since you went for a long walk? When was the last time you really sweat out badly? Have you even sat back and given it a thought? We need to agree that majority of us lead a sedentary lifestyle. We are inactive most of the time in a day. Even if we work, it does not include much of physical activity rather we have our brains churning away all the time. We get up, get dressed, go to office, spend hours together in our seat, attend hour-long meetings, eat lunch, sit again and come back home. At home again we grab on something to eat and catch up with our television to worsen things. So where are we heading ultimately? Let me tell you… fat medical bills and unending health problems to deal with!

Dealing inactivity:

So how do we handle all this? We cannot definitely spurge into action out of the blue and start an exercise regime. More than anything, we don’t have that entire workout. At least that is what people keep telling and excusing them. This is what you could do:

  • Try and walk as much as you can. You needn’t be dressed in your sports shoe with your complete gym outfit to begin your workout. Start at home, walk an extra road to reach your office. Go to your friend’s seat to check with the status rather than emailing or calling over. Keep walking while you talk to your friends instead of sharing a table.
  • Use your staircase instead of the elevator
  • Ensure to at least stretch up once a while after sitting on your seat for long hours.
  • Don’t sit down immediately after having lunch. Walk around a little and then begin work.

How could an Sedentary lifestyle effect you?

Survey says that men who sat for longer than 6 hours a day without any physical exercise are 90% prone to psychological problems like nervousness, restlessness and so on.

  • When you work out, it boosts your mood. Exercising helps in the secretion of hormones which helps in improving your psychological state. If you stick on to your chair for hours together, your mental health is at risk.
  • Research strongly states that people who are glued to their seats especially in front of the television are at a much higher risk of cancer. This also includes critical medical conditions like obesity and heart disorders.
  • Physically inactive people are at a higher risk of developing dementia which is a brain disorder or forgetfulness in laymen terms. People who walk at least three times a week are saved from this danger.
  • A sedentary lifestyle directly means accumulation of unnecessary fat and unwanted calories. This results in obesity and also a high blood sugar at a very young age.
  • Bones and joints are the first to be put at stake when it comes to lack of exercise. Disorders with respect to the spine, neck are very common complaints when it comes to an inactive lifestyle.

The way we have framed our sedentary lifestyle today, it could be difficult to dedicate time and exercise. But few minute changes in our daily activities can itself be a form of workout and this change could mean a lot!