In the eCommerce business world, there are millions of eCommerce websites are available to provide the products and the services to the customers. To attract all the customers towards their eCommerce website, the online store merchants’ make up their site with different technique such as using attractive themes, offering excellent products, providing safest payment gateways, etc. But most of the online customers prefer to buy the products from the eCommerce shopping websites which gives more secure and seamless checkout experience to them. Hence the Drupal developers integrated the Drupal with many payment gateways and developed many modules. Each Drupal Payment Module is designed to meet all the needs of the merchants and their customers. Let see how First Data GGe4 provides the seamless checkout experience to the customers in the Drupal eCommerce store.

Drupal – A powerful, developer friendly tool

Drupal is an open source content management framework based on PHP-MySQL. It powers more than millions of websites such as Best Buy, Hurley Medical Center, McDonalds, World Economic Forum, Yahoo! Style Guide, X.commerce, Java.net, Stanford University, Linux Foundation, Examiner.com, MIT Media Lab, White House.gov, Duke, Louvre, Sony Ericsson, Mollom.com, etc. It is also used for knowledge management and business collaboration. Drupal is an awesome content management and online marketing platform. It is also a community of 630,000+ users and developers. It has more than 25,000 modules and 1,800 themes. Drupal offers the powerful backend that can able to support hundreds of thousands of pages and millions of users every month. Most of the developers prefer Drupal because of its powerful and flexible CMS system. With Drupal, the developers can create their own solutions. The reporting and analytics tools that allow you to view the performance of your site.

First Data Global Gateway e4

First Data is a secure payment gateway which processing more than thousands of payment transactions in a secure and a safe manner. The First Data GGe4 is a leading payment gateway that can provide its services in most of the countries in the globe. In the payment processing industry, First data has more than 38 years of experience and it makes them very popular. It is easily integrated with many software’s to provide the best payment services to the customers. The payment page of the First Data is designed to accept the internet based payment transactions in a safe and secure manner.

Payment process in Drupal

Drupal can be easily integrated with many payment gateways such as First Data, PayPal, LinkPoint, Authorize.Net, PayflowPro, Google, E-xact, Cybersource, WorldPay, ccard, iTransact, Assist, eWAY, ProtX VSP Direct, and many more payment gateways. When Drupal integrates with the First Data, it accepts all the credit card details from the customers and check the validation. Then it passes all the information to First Data in a secured way. First Data takes care of the full payment process of the Drupal eCommerce store. So the merchants need not to buy the SSL certificate. First Data provides full security to the customer details. It passes the major PCI responsibilities to First Data. It is very easy and quick to implement this module. This module supports the “Authorize only”, and “Authorize and Capture payment” features.

By using this First Data GGe4 payment gateway on the Drupal eCommerce store, the merchant can easily attract many numbers of customers towards his website. To enhance the website the merchant can also use the Drupal Development Service for his website. These services offer the powerful website to the merchants. The seamless checkout experience increases the customers of the website and the sales of the business.

Download: Drupal First Data GGe4 Payment Module