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We spend more than 50% of our waking time at office busy with our work schedules. We speak about health tips, eating right, exercising but have we ever given a thought about maintaining health at our workplace. This would immediately give you a thought about going for a walk, not staying glued to your seats and so on but here let us discuss about eating habits in particular. How many amongst us have the habit of eating fresh fruits and veggies when at office? Do we intentionally make an effort to avoid junk at office? I seriously don’t think so. We may follow a strict diet at home but still when it comes to office we tend to loosen ourselves and feed on crackers and whatever we get to fill ourselves with. This takes your complete diet regime to a toss.

Here are few Health tips

Managing diet at workplace:

So are you going to pack a full bag of fruits and veggies to munch on at your desk? Is that practically possible? What has to be done is rope in workplace authorities and educate them about the health of their employees. After all healthy employees will give them much more productivity!

Create awareness:

Just as few offices have introduced the practice of work out sessions during office hours, a qualified dietician could be hired to spread the word about the importance of healthy snacks. The need to substitute junk with fresh veggies and other healthier options should be necessarily conveyed across the organization.

Taking care of cost:

The common notion amongst employees is that fruits and veggies are costly in fact very costly in office cafeterias when compared to other places. This aspect should be taken charge by the concerned authorities. They could offer healthy food and crackers at subsidized rates for the convenience of their employees.

Curb junk:

The workplace could probably strictly say no to junk food and motivate employees to eat only healthy food at least within the office campus to begin with.


Keep throwing in information about the importance of eating healthy food and what happens if they don’t do it. Send mailers, organize seminars hosted by medical experts and highlight the multiple aspects of healthy intake.

Organize events:

Probably the human resource department could really take it up seriously and arrange for a grand event to stress the significance of following a diet regime. Provide healthy fruits, salads, juices and veggies as takeaways. Keep motivating employees to shift their preferences.

Ensure availability:

Most of all make sure to have fresh stock available to cater the needs of employees. Do not turn down on their requests. You could even have a kitchen counter set up for the employees to prepare their own food based on their choice with fresh and healthy ingredients. This would definitely boost the enthusiasm of employees to a greater level.

Access to dining area:

Make arrangements such that the employees get what they need. You could dedicate staff for this purpose and deliver food and snacks at the desk. 

With unknown diseases on the rise, it is high time we strike a chord with our basic lifestyle to maintain our health.