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The change witnessed in the way consumers are ordering food from their favorite restaurant is rapid. To overcome the pandemic’s new challenges, restaurant owners have now turned to takeout or online food delivery options. As per the statistics, 60% of US consumers are either ordering food online or through takeout once a week. Hence, a restaurant needs to prepare for takeout orders to cater to a consumer’s redefined needs.

5 Ways restaurants can prepare for takeout orders:

Redefine takeout menu food delivery app:

The first step towards enhancing a customer’s food ordering experience is by maintaining an appealing takeout menu and working on an existing restaurant delivery app. Your takeout menu should not necessarily include all the items available on a dine-in menu.

Since individuals choosing takeout over dine-in option would surely be less on time, and hence, a simple yet effective takeout menu would ensure they instantly decide on what to order. You might want to keep the menu limited to most sellable items, including appetizers and delicious desserts. Your food delivery app should be user friendly and have an updated menu included. You might want to offer combos and special offers to lure your consumers into ordering from your restaurant online.

Expand your pick up area:

As more customers arrive at a restaurant to pick-up their orders and choose takeout options over traditional on-premises dining, having your pick-up area expanded could create more room for customers who are waiting. Ensure that your pick-up counter is closer to where customers would usually park their vehicles. If your restaurant uses third-party food delivery services, you might want to create a dedicated space for delivery couriers. That would ensure a hassle-free service.

Renovate your kitchen space include shelves:

If you earlier had a kitchen with one counter to place ordered food, you might want to renovate the space to include more shelves. With takeout orders in demand, you would have more packages sitting in the kitchen to be picked later as a restaurant. Having shelves included that could allow space to keep packages intact would ensure quick delivery once the customer arrives to pick up their ordered food. One such brand to have incorporated kitchen shelves is Sweet green that is being significantly benefited and in real-time. Other fast-food joints now have shelves installed to keep sandwiches awaiting their righteous consumer.

Use your staff efficiently:

Since on-premises diners have decreased, your hospitality staff could be utilized to track orders and ensure instant delivery. If they are not well equipped in handling technology-based orders, we recommend giving them a tour of new methods used for online food delivery or takeout orders. There are various cleaning tools backed by technology that could be incorporated to reduce staff solely dedicated to cleaning the inside of a restaurant or kitchen.

Maintain good customer service

Fewer touch-points are left between the customer and the business considering the new ways restaurants are operating. Customers are rarely coming for dine-in experiences and hence, now are all the more reasons to greet takeout customers the same way as your staff did the dine-in customers. This might be considered as an opportunity to strengthen your existing relations with the customer.


While many brands were already catering to takeout customers, a few have realized its importance very recently. Restaurants, who are struggling at the moment, need to stop and ranking how they could accommodate today’s customers’ diverse needs. It is recommended for you to consider implementing the guidelines as mentioned above for making the process easier.