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If you are thinking of helping your customers associate more closely with your brand, you must provide them with better service. If you are running a restaurant business, it becomes essential to increase your brand reach by providing doorstep delivery. For most restaurants, providing doorstep delivery within a particular area is not a challenge. However, when you expand your restaurants’ reach, you have to consider the logistics of the delivery systems. You can choose to set up the delivery system from your restaurant or take the help of a third party delivery service. But to expand your brand’s reach, you will have to increase your home delivery service coverage. Some of the features and benefits of the long-distance food delivery service are as follows:


Develop a suitable menu for your food delivery app

When you develop a Restaurant delivery app, it is essential to provide all details such as the menu, the pricing, and the packing process in the app itself. You can also provide suitable food combos to make it all the more attractive for customers. Say, for instance, a customer is looking to order a burger from a restaurant, and your restaurant offers a combo of burger and fries within a similar price range. Most customers will prefer purchasing from your restaurant. Sometimes customers further away will also place orders from your restaurant, even if your eatery is not in the locality. This will help create a sense of brand awareness amongst your customers.


Deciding the distance to which you can make the deliveries

When you plan to expand the distance to which you can make the deliveries, you must plan the distance to give free deliveries. You will also need to evaluate the minimum billing amount that the customers have to fulfill to receive free delivery to the maximum distance. This is important so that you do not compromise on the profit margin. If you plan to give the deliveries to a third party, you need to decide the payment method. If you have the option of cash on delivery (COD), then be sure to discuss it with your delivery partner as to how the payments will be made. Otherwise, you can always work out a commission basis payment with your delivery partner. This will help you expand the distance to which you can make the deliveries, which will also help you create brand awareness amongst your customers.


Suggesting suitable food items

To returning customers, you can help them create a brand association by suggesting suitable food combos. Based on their previous orders, you can suggest suitable combinations for their subsequent orders. You can help create personalized combos for the customers. For example, if a particular customer prefers fries with pizza, you can suggest a similar combo for him, although it is not a traditional combination. With the help of personalized combos, you can help the customer save on his expenses and, at the same help, create a personal relationship with the hip. This can help in creating brand awareness among customers.



Thus, suitable food combos and providing long-distance deliveries can help create brand awareness amongst customers. It can also improve your sales as you can create a loyal customer base who will prefer to buy food from your restaurant, even though it is not in their locality because of the personalized experience. They will be able to enjoy a more personal experience when it comes to ordering food even though they cannot step out and enjoy food in a restaurant. This will go a long way to create brand awareness amongst customers.