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Do you know a majority of customers check the refund policy before purchasing a product from you? Well, many website owners do not even consider updating their refund policy (which is indeed a big mistake). If you want your eCommerce site to gain popularity and conversions, you need to write an effective refund page to encourage visitors to purchase from you. 

What is the Refund Option?

When shopping online, the first thing every customer lookout for is the refund policy. They do that because they want to make sure that the product they are purchasing could be returned if that’s not appropriate or as per the order. You are losing out a large number of potential customers to your competitors by not incorporating the right refund option to your website. 

No matter how small your company is, writing a refund policy and displaying it on your eCommerce website is crucial for your company’s success. The good news is adding a refund policy is now as easy as purchasing Magento 2 extensions. Yes, you read that, right! Let’s learn more about the Magento 2 refund extension and how it can help you increase your conversions.

Why Must You Add a Refund Option to Your Ecommerce Site?

Do you know how much harm can the bad customer experience cause to your brand and company? You not only lose that customer forever, but you lose a lot of other potential clients who could have reached out to you if you had an accurate refund policy. Let’s say; a customer orders a product from your website. However, the product he/she receives got damaged during transportation. Of course, it is the right of your customer to ask for a refund. If they don’t find the refund option on your website, how will they be able to contact your team and get their payment back? 

These cases often result in bad customer experience, which can eventually drop your sales. On the contrary, website owners that accept refund requests and satisfy their customers are likely to have a positive impression on their potential clients. Even if customers have to use the refund option due to product defects or improper delivery, they won’t hesitate to purchase from you again if your refund option is flexible and smooth. 

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Use Magento 2 Refund Request Extension 

If you have designed your eCommerce site on Magento 2, you can use their latest Magento 2 Refund Request Extension to allow your customers to request a refund rather than contacting your support team directly. Not only this there are a lot more extensions available to improve customer experience. Your customers can click on the Refund Request option from My Account tab and claim their refund instantly without having to wait for the support team to look into the matter and answer their query.

When your customers click on the request refund button, a form that asks the reason for a refund is displayed on their screen. You can set specific refund dates after which the button will automatically disappear, and users won’t be able to send such requests.