Each one us at some point of time would have longed to simply put a dot to everything happening around us, pack our bags and get out of the daily mundane routine for a break. Yes, travelling is definitely like feeling the fresh air after a tiring day. It is actually good to consider travelling and experiencing a change. All of us do have a Columbus within ourselves who loves going to different places and exploring the unfound. Well, we needn’t always go to islands and venture for an adventure. A simple change would do for the good. Every travel involves a pre-travel preparation and it has been scientifically proved that travelling can transform a person completely. It does have a lasting impact on the individual’s perspective to a huge extent. We would have noticed medical experts asking patients to just go for a vacation and have a great time with their near and dear ones. This change itself does wonders to many ailments. So what is in travelling? Let us explore.

How travel can bring over a change in us:

  • Travelling instigates openness. Going on a vacation involves a research on the food, climate, and culture of the place we intend to go. This could be completely different from what we are used to. In such cases, we mentally try to adapt to these differences motivating us to come out of our comfort zone.
  • Travelling also helps us to improve ourselves. We might belong to a particular cultural set up or background. By travelling, we see and mingle with people who are from other cultures. We learn many things from them which help us to sharpen our personality.
  • With or without our knowledge we will need to meet numerous people, adjust with them and know them. This way we may find many new friends and expand our network. This aspect of travelling greatly helps in broadening our scope for betterment as a person.
  • Travelling teaches you to enjoy every minute of your life. You start awing the beauty of many new things around you. You cherish such memories and live in the moment rather than worrying about what comes next or something that has already happened.
  • At times, you may need to travel alone, in such cases you learn to value your relationships. You develop a stronger bonding with your family during their absence.

An experiment:

Two groups of students were selected and this experiment was performed on them. One set of students remained in their country and the other were asked to travel abroad. This was to prove that travelling can empower vital “big 5” aspects of an individual’s personality like:

  • Openness to experience
  • Agreeableness
  • Extraversion
  • Emotional stability
  • Conscientiousness

When these groups of students were asked to attend a test on these, it was found that the group which travelled abroad scored the best. It was duly proved that this tenure of travel had a deep impact on the personality traits of the students. It was found that the quality of social interaction, adaptability was higher in the students who travelled abroad.

So are your travel bags ready yet?