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According to many surveys, most of the people show more interest to purchase brand name products instead of non-branded products. Do you know why? They believe the brands will contribute to greater social acceptance, it provides a consistent and high-quality experience, to support their personal or professional image, and many more reasons. Day by day the people using branded products is rapidly increasing. It is a perfect time to attract these customers by displaying the branded products in the eCommerce website. The Prestashop Brand Display module is a great module which helps the site owner to display the brands on his website.

Why PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is an open source eCommerce solution that helps merchants to create their own online store easily. It is a great boon for the eCommerce business industry. The simplicity and reliability attract many developers, designers and eCommerce making them addicts. It has many attractive themes which make the online store more professional and stylish. PrestaShop supports many payment gateways, shipping carriers, PCI compliance, multiple currencies, multiple languages, and multiple store functionalities.

Module Description

Most people believe that the brand name item is of higher quality than a cheaper generic version. Many companies spend a fortune on advertising, customer research, and promotion of their products so that their brand becomes a household name. Generic products are not advertised and are generally not packaged as brightly and expensively. Familiarity is another major reason for people preferring to buy brand name products. Hence, people feel that familiar products are much more reliable.

Simple and quick to install, this module helps the website owner to display the brand logo in his PrestaShop eCommerce store. This will attract many customers who want to buy the branded products towards the store. The module allows the site owner to place the brand display block in any four positions on his website. It is the simplest and best way for the merchant to increase the sales of his business.


  • Easy to configure the Brand Logo display dimension.
  • Allow to display in any four positions of the site.
  • Position can be managed in the back office.
  • Brands will be displayed separately and each brand will have the URL to display.
  • The block title display can be manageable.
  • Block title can be configured.
  • The graphical image dimension can be configured.
  • The site owner can control the scrolling option and speed.
  • The site owner can format title text display with options to Style the font.
  • The options available to change the border style.
  • Ajax-based graphical image feature.
  • Graphical image status can be changed.

By using this module, merchant can allow his customers to easily reach his branded product. That means, if a customer wish to buy a Samsung iPod from the eCommerce store means, he can just click the Samsung brand image which is present in the brand display block to reach the Samsung product page. This saves customers’ valuable time and increases the confidence in the website.

There are more than 20,000 of PrestaShop Modules used in different ways to enhance the performance of the eCommerce website. The merchant can choose the perfect module based on his business requirement and improve the growth of his online business.