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There is a thin line of difference between working for your passion and getting hired for the heck of it. You might have a qualification nowhere connected to your interest. Ask people if they work out of passion and I bet that only one out of ten will be. So how does this vacuity come into existence?

Let us say you are obsessed about photography and deep under your heart you have the zeal to emerge as a successful photographer. So what stops you?

To begin with you have the tingling fear about being underestimated and looked down upon. There is a notion that all non-technical professions are useless. But do you think every student could become an engineer and doctor? Well, the world needs a lot more than that actually!

So how do you go about pursuing your passion?

  • Discuss and plan ahead:

This is probably the foremost aspect every individual should be focusing from early school days. It all begins from identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Pull out your strength and if you feel confident about a career choice, open up and discuss it with your family and friends.

  • Analyze:

Evaluate the possibilities to take up your passion as a career choice and self-assess about how far you could travel. After all, we do need to earn our own bread and butter.

  • Catch up with people:

Reach and connect across with reputed people over LinkedIn and other professional platforms to get first-hand information. Explicitly clarify your doubts and have a transparent plan ahead before you take the plunge.

  • Check for institutions:

Yes, this is very important. If you have chosen a less popular area of study, you will have hand-picked number of institutions offering such courses. Delve into the details, find out the investment you will need and chalk out your career roadmap.

  • Consider the cons:

Life is not always a bed of roses. When you are looking for a career option, it is important that you evaluate the dangers which accompany it too. What is the other stand by options you could rely on? What is the depth of crisis your career option brings with it? Though tough to digest, it is pivotal to assess such possibilities too.

Self-preparation based on requirements:

Now that you have a broad idea of what your passion demands, it is primary that you start preparing and building your technical and personal skills based on the market requirements. Every career option will need a basic graduation. Opt for a stream which supports you in focusing on your target. Like if you want to take up a career in writing, a graduation in English literature would be a booster. Think of such affirmative choices and make informed decisions.

Keep updating:

The world is more than connected today with access to everything under the Sun. There is information everywhere, it is our cognizance to utilize this available information, mold it based on our needs and make the best of it.

Career satisfaction is a serious aspect which comes along with us a long way. Pluck up the courage to do what you like and have the heart to like what you do for a successful life!