Parental tips
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As mommies of the modern era, we are inexorably multi-tasking flanked by household chores and official commitments. Amongst this ruckus, handling children is a sensitive issue. Consider and rethink about how many times as a mother have you tried to simply shoo away your child for the moment so that you could go ahead with your work? Just imagine your child asking you, “Mommy, can I take the pest spray from the backyard and pour it on me?” and you would have simply told “yes dear, enjoy”! This is the present day plight of both children and working mothers alike. Here a few parental tips!

Parental Tips – Striking the perfect balance:

Everything depends on how well you maintain a work-life balance. Learn to prioritize tasks and once in a blue moon overlooking work for your child will do no harm. Give them the attention and space they deserve.

Attempting to engage children could be really challenging. Here are few tips to invoke a bond with children and have them feel comfortable:

  • Eye contact:

As adults we might have been told, “Look at the person when you speak”. This applies to children too. Leave everything aside. Look at your child when he/she tells you something to feel connected.

  • Smile a lot:

The simplest way of showing good attitude is smiling and it does’t cost anything.  Smile at your child and see how good he feels. It is the most powerful tool to bring loads of changes in life. Keep smiling and bring in the change.

  • Pay attention:

This doesn’t mean that you have to be after your child every moment. Attend to one thing at a time. If you have decided to teach your child his lessons, don’t try to reply to your official emails simultaneously. Your child will only feel all the more neglected. It could be a very petty thing like buttoning up his shirt, do it with full concern for your child to feel involved.

  • Never deny:

Let your child explore new things like helping you in kitchen, drying clothes for you, cleaning his play area. Never discourage children giving reasons of age and intensity of the task. Let them try. Trust them and you would be astounded on finding how much your child can do for you.

  • Take the plunge completely:

Your child may be talking about as silly a thing as washing his hands during the break time or about a fight with his friend. Get down to his level and understand his stand there. Get to know your child, speak to them every day. Let them open up about their daily activities. Let them participate in healthy family interactions.

  • Sense their interest:

This is yet another significant aspect. Talk to your child about his interest. Don’t force him to read a book if he is actually interested in painting. Sit with the child to color, paint and improvise on his basic skills rather than redirecting him to something he is less inclined to.

Being a working mother is not a criminal offence after all. It is all that you have a bigger load of extra responsibilities to accomplish in the same 24 hours of a day. Phew!