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All merchants want to run a successful business by increasing the sales. But this desire can only be fulfilled by the customers. Therefore, customer service is the cornerstone in the success of any business. When customers purchase a product, they intend to make instant payment. So, if a merchant does not facilitate well-organized online payments he or she will be losing valuable customers. Every customer wants to complete their purchase transaction with minimum clicks. To meet customers’ requirements online merchants should make sure to integrate an effectual and secure payment gateway module.

A real-time Payment gateway should provide easy credit card transaction process with a secure method. Opencart First Data GGe4 Module is such a payment gateway module that makes for easy payment solution. There are many features in this payment module that helps merchants manage their payments and transactions with ease.

  • Benefits of Opencart First Data GGe4 Module
  • Merchants can configure the payment methods
  • Set module to ‘sale’ or ‘Authorize only’ transaction method
  • Easy capturing of transaction
  • Easy refund process
  • Every transaction made will be updated in the First data Control Panel
  • Customers can complete the transaction by using credit card details in the website itself

With these features the Opencart First Data GGe4 Module provides optimum facility to merchants, which in turn benefits the customers.

The ‘sale’ or ‘Authorize only’ transaction methods are available and the admin can select any one of these for his or her site. For sale kind transaction the customer’s payment amount gets transferred from first data to the merchant account, for authorizing only type of transaction the customer’s payment amount is held in the first data for any review process. The customers can provide their credentials without any hesitation as the OpenCart First data GGe4 offers absolute security in maintaining confidentiality of the customer payment details.

There are times when the customer will order a product and later ask for cancellation and refund. At such times the refund facility allows the merchant to easily and instantly process the refund. This earns the customer’s trust and encourages them to shop more at your online store. Another valuable feature is that each and every transaction made will be updated in the Firstdata Control Panel for later verification or reference. Customers have the advantage of staying on the page for the entire transaction process without any redirection. The credit card details can be entered in the site itself, thus reducing unnecessary navigation of web pages.

Hence, with the Opencart Payment Module retailers can ensure supreme service for your customer payments. Now on payments and transactions using credit cards can be done without any hassle or disturbance. Online merchants can now enhance their business and improve their profit using the Opencart First Data GGe4 Module.