Capsule Wardrobe

The most challenging question each woman faces every morning is “what do I wear today?” and the dilemma is endless. Attempting to permutate the existing pieces of outfits, you could actually get exhausted by the time you find the most suitable dress for the day. So what should you be doing?

The answer is a capsule wardrobe. As the name suggests this kind of a wardrobe will have all the essentialities needed for basic styling. You could team it up with other outfits to craft your unique fashion statement.

How does a capsule wardrobe help?

The first thing is when you have fewer things to choose from, you get better clarity and make a smarter decision. A capsule wardrobe is organized and mess-free which helps you in taking confident decisions about daily styling.

How to build a capsule wardrobe?

  1. The first important step is to completely empty your closet. Just pour out all the contents on your bed and have a look at it.
  2. Sort out your dresses and accessories.

Categorize them into:

  • The ones used frequently
  • The ones you are comfortable in
  1. Keep aside dresses for specific occasions
  2. Consider the utilization of outfits. If you haven’t used them for the last six months, it means they need to be moved out.
  3. Pile up dresses which do not fit you or are oversized and cannot be modified
  4. Other than these there could be dresses you simply don’t want, take them away
  5. If few outfits are in a very poor condition, trash them. You could recycle other dresses or try donating it.

End of the day you should be having a comparatively well-filtered wardrobe with dresses you really need and will use.

What comes next?

With this collection of essential outfits, try sieving the basics like a white tee, a good fitting pair of jeans, and a black pant. Such dresses go well with almost anything you pair it with. Start collecting such pieces. A wardrobe not only includes dresses but also accessories to complete your look. So do consider building your essential collection of accessories like neck jewelry, well-fitting pair of shoes, jackets in base colors, and a multipurpose handbag to begin with.

Why should you consider building a capsule wardrobe?

  • Make time for something more:

Your precious time deserves more than simply brooding over petty things like deciding on outfits. Give it a toss and spend more time on core tasks every day.

  • Boost your confidence:

Dressing up to the occasion is a boon in disguise. Each one of us has a different body and we need to style it accordingly. When you have all set up in a ready-to-go state, it de-stresses your mind. The very first morning core of dressing up smart is done and you feel great to begin your day right.

  • Feel neat:

Getting rid of a clumsy wardrobe is all the more a relief. You feel organized and equipped with the start of every day.So have you begun to start your collection of a capsule wardrobe yet?