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Do you ever wonder that why a company blog is essential for the business? A blog is much more than a “what you have been doing” update. Providing information to your potential customers and clients through your blog can serve many purposes, including making them lifelong supporters. Your company blog adds value to your site, and a frequent blogging will be an increasingly important way of being found on the web.

Every business owner knows the importance of a blog. But across the web we can see the large amount of failed blogs. If you ask those business owners about their failed blogs, they’d probably tell you they are new to blogging or they didn’t have enough time to prepare the best blog for their business. Do you think that this type of activity will give you more profit in your business? Absolutely not.

According to the study, 57% of companies who have a blog reported acquiring a customer from their blog. In that same study, a survey of marketers revealed that 81% of businesses say that their business blog is useful to critical for their business.

Creating the content and share it with your audience is one of the important parts of business marketing strategy, which will help you to easily attract many potential customers towards your site and also to increase the sales of the business.

Why every business should blog?

  • There are 240 million blogs, 329 million people view a blog, 25 billion pages viewed by every month, 500,000 new posts every day and 400,000 comments per day on the Internet
  • Websites with blogs typically have 97% of inbound links (Links are the most important factor in Google’s ranking algorithm
  • 61% of consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post that they read
  • 60% of consumers feel positive about a company after reading its blog
  • 70% of consumers learn about a company through its blog versus ads
  • Websites that blog typically have 434% more indexed pages (You’ll receive more search traffic based on the index pages you have)
  • 82% of online consumers enjoy reading relevant content from company blogs

There are a number of other reasons blogging really matters:

Increase Visibility: The traffic of the site will increase, when the site visibility is increased. Blogging increases the chances of finding your business in the competitive business industry.

Build Trust: By writing and posting a blog with consistent, truthful, and helpful content will help you to earn strong trust from your followers and also convert blog readers into your customers.

Drives Long-term Results: Just think that you write and post a blog about your products today. The views and the leads from that blog will increase day by day if you posted the quality content. And also search engines will display that blog post in its first result page for days, weeks, months and years to come. This increases the traffic and leads. (About 70% of our traffic each month comes from posts that weren’t published that month.)

I am sure that after reading this article you will definitely look to start a company blog for your business. Try to post effective blogs in order to increase site traffic and sales.