Mobile Loyalty Program
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A 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25-100% increase in profit for your company. – Fred Reichheld, author of the Loyalty Effect.

According to many merchants, retaining all customers towards their business is a difficult task. They believe it is not possible to satisfy all customers by using a single method or technique. Mobile Loyalty Program is an excellent program which helps you to satisfy all your customers by offering them reward points, deals, discounts, gifts, and vouchers through their mobile phones. By using this program in your business, you can easily achieve your goal within the short period of time. This is the fast and best way for you to reach all your customers and encourage them to purchase more products from your store.

In general, the loyalty program helps you to treat all your loyal customers in a special manner in order to retain your existing customers and to grasp the attention of many new customers towards your business. With the help of this program, you can provide discounts and offers to your loyal customers. Your customers can receive offers by providing some basic information. Data collected from these programs can help you to build friendly and strong relationships with your customers. This will be useful for you to contact your customers in the future to promote your business. This program offers many benefits to your customers and also increases the sales of your business.

73% of Smartphone users are interested in using loyalty apps and getting benefits from loyalty programs on their mobile devices!

With the help of this Loyalty program you can give rewards to your loyal customers for their loyalty, trust, and regular buying behavior. Nowadays, most of the customers wish to receive loyalty points and discounts through their mobile phones. Day by day, the rate of people using loyalty programs through their mobile is rapidly increasing. Offering reward points and deals via mobile phones will help you to increase the spending of existing customers and acquire new customers. Without investing more time and money you can easily promote your business.

It is estimated by Colloquy (2013) that there are 2.647 billion loyalty program memberships in the US (a 26.7% increase from their 2010 census) – with the average US household participating in 21.9 programs. Most of the customers wish to do business with the company which is offering reward points through mobile loyalty app. Hence, many merchants started to offer rewards through this app. But, some of the merchants think that offering loyalty points through mobile is a not an easy task. They believe that it is very difficult to manage all their customers using a mobile loyalty app.

Elite Loyalty App (ELA) is a great app which helps you to easily manage all your customers. It offers an excellent Customer Loyalty Management in your business. It helps you to assign reward points and provide offers based on your customer loyalty. So that you can show to all your customers that you are offering reward points depending on their loyalty. This will build a strong relationship with your customers. By using the mobile loyalty program, you can easily increase your business sales. So a mobile loyalty program is the best mode to manage all your customers and loyalty programs.