Customer Management
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Many different types of businesses from large to small use loyalty programs to increase sales, customer retention, and acquire new customers in their business. Many consumers enjoy reaping rewards or discounts of staying loyal to their favorite stores and businesses. These loyalty points are given to the customers through plastic or punch cards.

“According to Jupiter Research, approximately 75 percent of consumers have at least one loyalty card.”

Most of the customers don’t want to fill their wallets with plastic loyalty cards. Hence, Mobile Loyalty Program was developed to help customers easily collect and use their loyalty points and rewards via their mobile phones. This type of program helps customers to receive alerts regarding discounts, offers, and reward points.

Advantages of using this program

The 2013 COLLOQUY Loyalty Census shows that total membership in U.S. loyalty marketing programs across all sectors is 2.647 billion, a 26.7 percent increase over the 2.089 billion memberships in 2011. The number of mobile users rapidly increasing, so this type of loyalty program used in many businesses. It gives more advantages to the users and the merchant such as:

  • No more filling wallets with plastic or paper cards
  • Helps to improve customer service by showing customers that their business is valuable and appreciated
  • Builds a strong relationship between customer loyalty, employee loyalty and profitability
  • Simple way to reach thousands of consumers
  • Quickly track customer behavior and store performance
  • Instantly access the best deals and offers
  • Quickly eliminate the need for paper coupons and paper-based deals
  • Automatically receive bonus cash and rewards points

One of the biggest advantages of using this program is, it helps business owners to easily manage all the customers in an effective manner. Managing customers is quite different from managing inventory and is more difficult. Many loyalty programs are available on the internet to increase the sales and customers in the business. The professional and rich loyalty program provides key functionalities to create, execute and manage end-to-end loyalty programs. It allows customers to view their loyalty account details, points, and groups as well as targeted offers. This flexible process inspires more customers.

Easy way to manage customers

Elite Loyalty App (ELA) is the best mobile app for the merchants to easily manage their customers. It is an application that a merchant can use for the web and reach out to the customer’s smart phone. ELA is designed to create targeted marketing campaigns, including coupons, deals, offers and reward points. It has many rich features that helps to easily achieve good productivity in the business.

ELA provides an executive dashboard with data and information that helps merchant to easily track customer activity and store performance. In ELA dashboard, business owner can view customers’ interest to use the loyalty program, graphical representation of coupons and deals that are a hit, and how many times a client (or a group) have used their coupons & deals.

Using ELA, business owners can create customer groups based on their purchase trends, age, demography and other parameters. It provides excellent Customer Loyalty Management in the business. It allows business owners to track about the customer, deals, and coupons via dashboard. Offer a valuable mobile loyalty program to keep your customers happy.