Mobile Loyalty

In today’s competitive business world, most of the business owners around the globe have come to realize the power of the mobile devices. Mobile marketing is one of the best and simple ways to achieve the business goal easily. Hence, it is used in many business industries. Mobile Loyalty Program is a great program that helps merchant to run a successful business in online business industry. It offers many advantages to the customers in order to retain all existing customers and to grab the attention of many new customers towards the merchant website.

An eCommerce website can be visited by thousands of customers every day. These customers may come from different countries, using different languages. But a common thing among all the customers is that they show more interest in businesses that offers something better than other business. This means customers purchase more products from the store which provide reward points, discounts, offers, and gifts. By using loyalty program, merchants can easily attract many customers. This program helps the merchant to boost all the customers to do repeated business with him and also purchase more products from his store.

Most of the people wish to use Smartphone instead of other phones. Smartphones are mobile phones which have computer ability or near computer ability. These phones are not only used for making calls and sending text messages, but they perform a number of other tasks and also used as an effective marketing tool. 73% of Smartphone users are interested in using loyalty apps and getting benefits from loyalty programs on their mobile devices. Hence, many merchants hire the experienced development team to develop an excellent and suitable mobile app based on their business requirements.

Plenty of loyalty apps are providing services to the customers and the merchants. Elite Loyalty App (ELA) is one of the best mobile loyalty apps which comes with many rich features that helps merchant to easily achieve his business goal. According to many merchants, managing all the customers in their business is a difficult task. But if he uses this mobile app for his business, he can easily manage all his customers.

  • The mobile app helps the merchant to easily track and manage his entire customer’s data using the simple web backend.
  • Allows merchant to import his existing customers to this app backend.
  • To easily manage all the customers, this app helps the merchant to create the customer groups based on their purchase trends, age, demography and other parameters.
  • It will assign the offers like coupons and reward points to the targeted customer group.
  • It also pushes “Deal of the day” or other time sensitive offers to clients directly into their Smartphone thereby increase the chances of business from the customer.

By using this app you can provide the best Customer Management in your business. If a customer nearer to the branch store or within the boundary that the merchant have already specified in backend means, this mobile sends location based notification to the customer Smartphones. It also helps the merchant to push general notifications like greetings and wishes to encourage the customers. ELA is a great mobile loyalty app which helps you to offer reward points for your customers and helps to easily manage all your existing as well as new customers in your business.