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Education and entertainment are usually considered to be two different sides of a coin. Entertainment is strongly believed to be a huge hindrance in the path to excel and succeed both in academics and life. Entertainment as the name refers to is literally thought to be as nothing more than dance, music and having fun. But it is high time we break through such misconceptions and re-fabricate the bottom line of entertainment. Yes, not to deny that entertainment is all about having fun, but when handled appropriately, it could do wonders we would haven’t even thought of before. Today, entertainment is dovetailed with every aspect of our daily life to bring out the best, the fun way. To clarify, entertainment with education could deliver even the most complex of messages in a very simple way. Learning through the “play-way” method is the norm today. Educational systems are thriving hard to inculcate this strategy of learning into us for the better.   

Let us now delve deeper into the key points of how education-entertainment for children can be progressively practiced. To begin with,

  • Conventional classroom teaching has become outdated. Even children have the urge in them to learn new things, the newer way. Educational rhymes, educational content with music helps children grab concepts faster and retain them in their mind.
  • Education is no more restricted to physical textbooks and jotting down notes. Objects, pictures and video content support children in understanding subjects better.
  • Illustrations speak louder than words. When children and adults look at something, it tends to spontaneously register in their mind and they are able to reproduce it better when compared to contemporary methods.
  • Educational games like spell bees, jig-jaw puzzles and other mind related games have proved scientifically to have been successful in stimulating the overall functionality of the brain.
  • For older kids, physical education is a must as it is not only about games but it also develops traits of self- discipline, team-handling, physical fitness, coordination and improved communication into a child.

Time for Edutainment:

Education+ Entertainment=Edutainment

Yes, you read that right. Edutainment is definitely possible at all levels of a child’s development. Though education is not the ultimate goal of entertaining people, entertainment is a very big motivator and booster to push education to greater heights. It works as a major catalyst to fire the sense of curiosity and enthusiasm within every child to help them grow and flourish into responsible and most importantly knowledgeable individuals. Entertainment acts as a bridge to fill in the gap and revive regular classrooms into lively and interesting study rooms. There is no hard and fast rule to make such a transformation as it is finally the teacher who needs to spark the fuel present within every child. Lots of experimental learning, real-life stories and incidents can bring life to monotonous studying. Classroom activities, group activities can help students learn and benefit tremendously. There is just a thin line of difference between education, entertainment and being misled by the two. If utilized properly, even videos or educational videos could provide loads of educational information, the entertaining way.

Gear up, rethink your learning strategy and have fun!