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If you are in search of marketplace extension to enhance customer satisfaction, then magento marketplace extension can be a best choice. It assists to convert existing Magento store to a shopping mall with multi-vendor portal management. Special and engaging design for seller portal to maintain the product catalog, orders, invoices, manifest, payments, etc. Simplified Magento interface for store owners to maintain sellers, seller products, orders, commissions, and Payouts.The multi-vendor marketplace will maintain various addons from payment split to merchant vendor auction and from merchant shipping management to vendor’s eBay shop connection.Magento multi-vendor module works very fine in the community ( free ), and  Marketplace module has multilingual assistance. It also has inbuilt reviews and feedback system. The Marketplace module in Magento works upon building the complete multi-vendor marketplace or a multi-vendor store in a particular instance of Magento. The extension is very simple to install as no further setup is required. Magento multi-vendor module works very accurately in community ( free ) version of Magento. Marketplace extension runs very fine with all LTR languages. Marketplace Module supports all templates and themes including latest RWD (responsive web design). Marketplace module had an outstanding customer support from the experienced and certified Magento developers.

The module facilitates with the below-listed features:

Advantages for the Store Owner:

  • Allow multiple sellers to register and market their products 
  • Ability to make a bulk payout to seller at a time and also can make payment for the individual seller. 
  • Ability to observe, approve, disapprove, update and delete seller requested product.
  • Set Seller Commissions by fixed or percentage type. 
  • Set commissions for each seller, each product and each product category.
  • Ability to add, approve and disapprove sellers in a single click. 
  • View the order placed by a customer in one place. 
  • Create Purchase Order and notify seller once the order is placed by customer.

Advantages for the Seller:

  • Interface to control profile, inventory, product details, messages, and locations they operate.
  • Add uncomplicated products and configurable products in bulk via CSV file upload.
  • Ability to update their profile information and prospect commission information.
  • Ability to upload shop logo and combine shop URL. 
  • Facility to view their orders, invoices, pending dispatches, manifests. 
  • Capacity to view their payment history. 
  • Get instant notification about orders, messages, products,  and payment from admin.
  • Ability to add existing products from the catalog.
  • Allows merchants to review products retuned from the customer and provide needed solution.

Advantages for the Buyer:

  • Option to observe seller profile and enables them to contact via email on the seller’s products.
  • Option to provide email id for products which are out of stock and receive notification once the product is replaced. 
  • Buyer can able to observe the products added to cart grouped by seller
  • Allows buyer to replace products purchased.
  • Option to configure products with convenient attributes-key features. 
  • Ability to inhibit the stock availability of the product from the seller. 
  • Ability to view & compare rates from multiple sellers for a single product.

Custom Designed Magento Marketplace Complete pack extension provided :

Magento Marketplace Seller Bulk Upload supports the marketplace sellers to add products in bulk. Using this add-on, marketplace sellers can add both easy and configurable products in bulk via CSV file upload. The sellers have to determine the attribute set and add products with separate SKU and product visions, once they upload the CSV file, the products will be combined and will wait for Admin’s approval. Once admin confirms the product list uploaded, the products will be displayed on the site as well as seller’s dashboard. This add-on helps the seller to add more products in a single upload.

Out Of Stock Notification:

Magento Marketplace – Out of Stock Notification add-on allows the admin to retain the customer. This extension will demand customer’s email id when the product is out of stock. Once the Marketplace seller replenishes the stock, the customer will receive an email on the stock and a reminder to purchase the same.

Return Management:

Marketplace – RMA (Returns Management) provides the marketplace customers to deliver the products purchased from a marketplace seller.

Automatic PO Generation:

Magento Marketplace – Automatic PO Generation add-ons the admin to generate Purchase Order once the order is placed by the customer.

Location Based Seller:

Magento Marketplace – Location Based Seller authorizes the seller to provide location they serve. It also encourages the customer to choose sellers near the customer’s location

Messaging System:

Magento Marketplace – Messaging System provides marketplace customer to contact marketplace seller easily. This add-on allows the customers to contact sellers via email within the system. The admin will be copied in each email conversation. The customers can have trade related inquiry, product return related queries here. The message will be received in seller’s dashboard itself; the seller can reply to the emails and receive replies easily. Same way, The customer can find the list of emails they have sent and received in My Accounts.


Some of the biggest online stores are marketplaces. Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy are all examples. These companies use many different vendors to give customers a wealth of options. A marketplace benefits both sellers and store owners. Sellers can benefit from the reputation of an existing store and don’t have to open their store. Also, welcoming other vendors to a store increases the number and variety of products, thus increasing potential sales conversions for the store owner.If you want to turn your online store into a multi-seller platform, you’ll need to add an extension to add this advanced functionality. Marketplace Multi-Vendor converts your online store into one that supports multiple sellers and provides a separate seller portal on the front-end of your site.Customers can rate and review different sellers. Sellers can customize their profile with a shop banner and logo and add unlimited products