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Being an entrepreneur partner is similar to taking a mount on a roller costar.  Not every entrepreneur’s journey is a bed of roses with blissful experiences to share, there could be hurdles, problems and even fraudulence which a business owner may need to overcome gracefully at times. Partnership in business is yet another arm of the tree. Choosing the right partner is not as easy as it sounds and it plays a whole lot of role in the running and success of any business. So what is that you as an entrepreneur should hunt in a partner? Read on…

How does an Entrepreneur partner matter?

Though there could be mixed opinions about including a business partner, let us list down the pros and cons altogether. So if you are in a dilemma of whether or not to have a partner, you may get some supportive tips down here.

  • Firstly, you could count on another moral support. Hard times could become easier when shared with another person. You could exchange thoughts, valuable inputs and together crack the ice effectively.
  • You could get some financial support too from the other side. So you needn’t be the sole source of finance which is great.
  • You could divide work and perform better. You with your partner can scan your business across its length and breadth by categorizing work appropriately.
  • You could concentrate on your area of expertise and your partner on his which helps in obtaining dual results! Wow!
  • You could discuss various topics and get a multi-dimensional view of your business.

The tough part of it will be:

  • Any kind of misunderstanding may collapse the business
  • Lack of coordination may ruin the complete structure
  • A communication gap or ego problems could cost you a lot

So how do you select your business partner?

A person you could wholly rely on:

More than anything else, the term reliability and trust is pivotal and the soul of any relationship. Business is not related simply to profit or loss but it is an amalgamation of emotions and sentiments. When you decide to include another person into it, you need to trust that person as he does and there should be no room for second thoughts.

Areas of interest:

Though you and your partner should be necessarily from different segments of expertise, you should have similar areas of interests. The fire to succeed as an entrepreneur should be live and aglow in both of you alike to reach greater heights.

Share work and responsibilities:

There should be an even balance of work and responsibilities. The level of work, responsibilities and recognition given to both of you should be equal within the organization structure to boost confidence.

Handling finance:

This is a very sensitive area as a partner is supposed to have an even share on the profit and loss both alike. You should finalize all the terms and conditions with respect to money inflow, expenditures and sources of finance without any hiccups on both the sides.


Keep up a transparent process in the organization along with an open relationship with your entrepreneur partner. Speak out about problems and discuss concerns for solutions.

All these aspects are extremely important as relationships are too fragile to be meddled. Remember, there is nothing you cannot solve over a cup of tea!