Sales Enablement
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With  sales enablement still in its nascent stages, it isn’t surprising for organizations to have diverse opinions about this approach. Sales enablement is a systematic and tactical strategy which performs beyond the conventional automated pricing tools to deliver the most successful prospects for sales persons in an organization. This critical function integrates with the “enablement elements” like accounting, field marketing, human resources, sales operations, product marketing, account based marketing to enable oiled coordination and well communicated delivery of ideas to the sales representatives. Backed by impactful content, interactive analytics and state-of-the-art training, this approach methodically supports in the conversion of prospective contacts to meaningful leads.

Based on a survey,

  • 75% of companies reported that sales enablement significantly contributed to their sales forces
  • 88% classified their organization as “strategic” due to their sales enablement function

Is it a sales function?

On an average,

  • 46% of companies have their sales enablement function reporting to their sales team
  • 32% of companies have it reporting to marketing
  • 18% of companies have this function directed to other sectors of the business

Sales enablement-What does it do?

The responses of companies about the actual function of a sales enablement are 

  • 78%  of companies involved this function in structuring stringent guidelines for utilization of sales assets
  • 73% of the organizations had the function define best share enablement practices
  • 71% of companies used the function for building sales assets
  • 68% of the companies had the function contribute towards development of product training

To add on more than 50% of organizations utilized this function in boosting sales effectiveness which included areas of product training, selection and deployment of sales technology and also in the efficient management of sales communication. Undoubtedly, the competency of the sales enablement function has been augmenting from merely providing sales assets to actually taking charge of the proper and efficient usage of critical sales assets. To add on, it was observed that this function is  responsible for on-boarding new hires in sales. Hence, it clearly proves that the unflinching capabilities of the sales enablement function are emerging across precincts.

Can it be measured?

The sales enablement function holds the superior responsibility of coordinating amongst the moving parts of a business. The success of this function lies in its quantity consumed. To elaborate, it depends on the number of documents representatives download, refer for clarifications and complete their training.  Again, organizations are also keen to exhaustively analyze the direct business impact of this function on the sales division. Thus, it is measured effectively by the conversion rate in every progressive stage of the sales funnel and relatively the time taken by the new hires to become effectively productive.

Wrap Up:

To summarize, Sales enablement is a competitive compendium of ongoing processes which supports all client facing facets of a business to stay equipped with the required competencies contributing towards influential problem solving in every phase of a sales conversion along with effectual optimization of return on investment