“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”

This is a very famous quote which refers to workaholics who keep working without a break. This proverb was firstly framed keeping in mind children who ought to play and learn equally highlighting the significance of sports for children at various instances. Kids staying glued to their television sets or mobile devices have become a normal trend today. Things have changed from children running around in huge groups to play crazy games to them spending most of their time with electronic devices. Is playing important for children? Are parents equally responsible for this unhealthy lifestyle of children? Do ponder!

Sports and Children:

Play for a child is very important. Every child is different and has their own likes and dislikes to play games. Whatever maybe the preferences, children should play around and exhaust themselves. There are outdoor and indoor games for children each of which has its own impact in the overall development of a child. While running and physical movement helps in activating motor skills, indoor games contribute towards the brain development of a child. The complete well being of the child lies in the correct selection of games and sports. Parents should not attune kids to online games simply because they could have some free time. They should focus on the mental and physical health of the child and make wise choices.

Role of sports in child development:

When a child plays outdoor games in a group, it motivates the child to share and play while in a team. It improves team building capabilities of a child. It also helps the child to socialize with other children and elders alike.
Sports elevate the level of self confidence in a child. He is able to handle himself alone without depending on his parents or elders. He tries and solves his own problems which further contribute towards his overall development as a person.
Winning and losing is definitely an integral part of any game. In such a case, every child who plays gets used to accept challenges, lose and win in them alike. They are able to manage successes and failures gracefully.
Children learn to adhere onto rules strictly which inculcates a sense of dedication and discipline to a great extent. This helps in children to grow up with this sense of responsibility.
Kids who play a lot in groups can easily overcome fear and nervousness. They come out of their nutshell and shyness to mingle with others and collaborate for a game. This attitude applies practically in their life also.
A comparison of indoor and outdoor games:

Indoor and outdoor games are important alike. There should be an appropriate level of balance between them to nurture the benefits to the maximum extent.

Mind puzzles like chess, carom, and quiz games are a great exercise to the mind and keep children alert and agile. It improves concentration power and resilience in kids. On the other hand, outdoor games enhance motor skills, coordination and socializing capabilities amongst children.

So have you started including sports as the major segment in your child’s timetable yet?