Web application
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Confused to pick out a programming language for web application? Peek down for some handy info.Here’s your defining statement: “Web Application is accessed over the Internet and hosted in a browser-controlled environment”.

Web Application

Turn the cyber-way and face a wall of programming. Similarly, Web and mobile application development is designed using a variety of programming languages such as HTML, XML, Flash, Perl, CSS, PHP, JSP and ASP. Each of these languages owns a specific function and is capable of producing varied results.

Redundancy is monotonous and diversity is interesting!! Likewise, you can make the foremost Web application depends on your needs. Do you love the colored way? You got it! Would you like to view the flipping pages, scrolling data, piping music and more to your web page? Yes Of course, all these different things cannot be done by single application. Every aspect of Web Application is unique and exciting to work with.

Groups of Programming Languages:

There are two main groups on programming languages: Proprietary and open-sourced. Most websites today whether commercial or not, are database-driven. Such websites can be built with varied scripting languages namely PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, Perl and Cold Fusion.


PHP is one such widely used open source scripting language mainly designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. The PHP code embedded into the HTML source document and is interpreted with PHP development. Hence, this module ultimately generates the need of the day – “The web page document”. As a general-purpose programming language, PHP code were processed by an interpreter application through the command-line mode of functioning. Besides programming you can compile and tweak PHP based on your choice of operating system and many more.

Though PHP is younger than Perl, PHP is a mature application. However, a handful of functions might turn out in applicable in a few instances, but are exhausting to set deal-killers for other programmers.


ASP.NET is arguably the most idealistic of the programming tools and plays a vital role with both scripted languages such as VBScript, Jscript, and compiled ones like VB and C Programming. As adaptable it can be, ASP.NET is a memory hog and a bit slower to execute. This is a crucial tiredness for sure but, when it comes to Internet scaling up thousands of users per second will be easier with ASP.NET. Memory usage on your server is problematic.


Tired of learning languages, applications and integrations? Oracle supported JSP (Java Server Pages)will assist you surely. JSP is another open-source scripting language accomplished for the aim. Avoid writing scriptlets with the help of JSP. It is extensible and also allow Java tag library developers to outfit it with simple tag handlers.


Developer friendly Perl offers every tool to a web developer, where they needs to create a dynamic web page. Openly-sourced it’s a language of a kind – both mature and powerful. Similar to other open-source languages, it benefits tremendously from ongoing development. And the support offered by its international community of users is second to none. Clear and ideal, Perl is particularly good for creating single websites quickly, cleanly and elegantly.

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