The world is getting more than connected with travelling becoming an integral part of our lives. We at times travel for official purposes or for personal reasons. Whatever maybe the requirement, travelling has its own impact on us. The best thing to do before travelling, especially to foreign countries is performing a thorough research about the climatic conditions, food style, lifestyle, occurrence of any particular epidemic, type of water, time zone and so on. This basic information will help you get an overview of what to expect when you reach an unfamiliar place.

Did you know?

  • The most common health disorder which travelers face is gastrointestinal infection. This infection generally occurs due to contaminated water or food which has been prepared under untried and unhygienic conditions.
  • Of all the overseas travelers, almost 50% have the chance of getting infected from at least any one type of travel related illness.
  • Most travelers do not bother about their health condition before travelling. It is most important to consult your doctor for a health check-up and status of vaccinations prior to travelling.

Let us go deeper into all the information you will need while travelling to a foreign land:

Keep a stock of first aid:

Have your first aid kit in place with medicines you generally use for basic problems like cough, cold and fever. A sudden change in the food style, climate and environment will definitely impact normal functioning of the body.

Stay hydrated:

Ensure to drink as much of water as you can. It is also preferred to have lots of warm fluids to avoid any water contamination related health problems. Moreover, warm liquids will also help in easy digestion and protect you from contracting infections.

Eat healthy:

Be conscious to avoid junk food as the course of travel along with junk could result in stomach disorders. The best thing you could do to your body is feed on fruits and veggies. Avoiding meat and sticking on to a vegetarian diet is also a healthy option.


A good sleep could do wonders to your body. The best way to shed off tiredness after a tedious day is a deep sleep. Grab on some quality sleep and bounce back to action.

Walk, exercise:

Have an exercise regime in place. Walk as much as you can. Catch hold of some fresh air. Do some meditation and follow a strict routine to put you on track.

Pack your bags carefully:

Be conscious of packing just the required amount of luggage. Make sure not to over dump your utilities. Carry the essential stuff alone to avoid heavy baggage which will be difficult to carry and keep track of.

Stay connected with your loved ones:

This is very important as feeling lonely might put you off track almost instantaneously. Keep yourself posted about your near and dear ones, have a chat with them and stay connected with them.

Medical help:

Make sure that you find out the nearest medical help, in case of emergency. Remain safe from insect bites and mosquitoes. Have a mosquito repellent for safety purposes.

Having plans to pack your bags? Travel safe and love yourself!