A pandemic situation will give rise to panic buying among consumers. Moreover, if they see a particular item labeled as being ‘out of stock,’ they will automatically start purchasing an alternative item in an increased quantity. However, the crisis faced by the retailer in such a scenario is to keep the consumer. He also has to assure his customer that there is a sufficient quantity of all items. As a retailer, especially as a retailer of grocery items, you will have to handle the increased demand for consumer products and provide these items to your customers regularly during a pandemic. If you have a grocery delivery app  then there are some steps that you can take to handle the increased demands and sales during the pandemic and some these are as follows:

Use AI to predict demand:-

With the help of AI and machine learning, you can evaluate the products that are bound to see a spike in demand in the upcoming days. You can stock these products ahead and then supply these to your customers when they place orders. A grocery delivery app makes the whole process more straightforward because you can run analytics and check the items that your customers have frequently been looking for. After that, with the help of AI and machine learning, you can estimate the amount of the particular products you need to place an order for, and then you can stock these. Thus, with the help of forecasting, you can manage the supply chain, and you will be able to handle the increased demand. You will also be able to keep your customers satisfied because when they access the app to place an order, they will not be faced with an ‘out of stock’ notification.

Select the items to be stocked carefully:-

When you choose the items that you want to be stocked carefully evaluate these. Perishable items need to be kept in cold storages and that too, these cannot be kept these for a prolonged period. Hence, you should consider stocking items that have a longer shelf life. When you supply perishable items, you should have dedicated suppliers who will provide you with particular details. This will ensure that your customers receive the perishable products in perfect condition. When you are planning on stocking items, you should stock up products with a longer shelf life. This will ensure that your supply chain is continuous. You can provide your customers with perishable items and other consumer products such as ready-to-eat food, household items, and other similar products quickly.

Check the packaging:-

In a normal situation, you can provide your customers with numerous packaging options. But in a pandemic situation, you need to stock your storeroom with essential products. Hence, you might need to order a larger package for products. Your customers too might have to opt for a larger package, whereas in a normal situation, he might have gone for a smaller one. However, with the increased buying, the consumer will not worry about buying a bigger package. Moreover, as a retailer selecting a larger package of the same product will be an efficient method of storage and will help you handle the increased demand with ease.

Thus, with a certain amount of planning and prediction, you can manage the increased demand and sales during the pandemic. You need to keep your customers satisfied and ensure that the supply chain is running smoothly. This can be done with ease if you have an adequate amount of products stocked, and your customers find it easy to order from the mobile app.


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