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Today the digital world has amassed a lot of changes. The stagnation in which the web’s online world was there a few years back has now been eroded. However, certain things are still under control. And they are nothing but a breach of data.

Be it content or images; people are trying to infringe the information and using it as their own easily. Therefore, it has become very pertinent to launch laws and other updates that protect users and owners of the content against this violating act. The same is applicable to Google as well. Let us take you through the journey of how google’s new update is best for media and similar industries.

What Is Google’s New Update?

Google is one of the benchmarks for search engine operators today. The numero uno search engine is widely used and accessed by millions of users across the world today. Such is the effect of the content ranked through Google that it becomes paramount for website owners to list their pages on the front. But there are a few alterations made in the last month.

For the last few years, the company has collaborated with the image licensing industry to stop the breach of information and inflict laws that help through this. This massive step taken will not help in gaining access to structured data but also make the images and content covered by copyright laws. Through this small step of the company, publishers and photographers can upload images to the web page without any extra dose of worry.

How The Update Will Help The Media Industry?

The media industry is not new to copyright infringement laws. It has been a solo witness to these for decades now. The only difference is that now with the recent update from Google, people can upload the photographs and images without any additional stress.

The images published by the publisher now will appear with a licensable badge over the thumbnail. Clicking on the same will bring forth its license requirements and also provide a link to buy rights from. Licensors can also purchase from the page, which can benefit them in many ways.

While all these are requirements, it will now be easy for filter image results further with the type of license attached to it. This huge step taken by Google will help users and publishers use Google images more responsibly.

Why This Step Will Change The Whole Scenario?

Prior to the changes made by Google, copying and using images was very easy. A few years back, Google took the baby step by removing it to view the full-size image from the web page itself. Now this update, the IT Giant, has taken a step further towards successfully inflicting copyright laws. There is no denying that the go-to site for any user is google. This is also the main reason why stealing images from google search becomes very easy for people.


Plagiarized content is not new in this world of technology. Many people freely use and modify the hard work done by others and utilize it fully to their heart’s content. But not anymore. With the new update from Google, the Media and other industries will release a sigh. This feature will abstain people from taking undue advantage of the images found in Google.

After this update from the search giant, the image features will make it easy for the users to acquire and identify licensed visual content. Google’s approach will spread not only visibility but also the knowledge of licensed images to the users.