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The eCommerce industry today is booming at a phenomenal rate. According to recent statistics, it has been proven that there will be more than 2 billion online shoppers around 2020. Thus it is essential to make your business rank on Google.
Many websites do not rise up in the Google rankings due to improper optimization and failure to meet Google search quality guidelines. Whether your business is small or big, it is pertinent to let the potential end customers that you exist. Therefore, it is highly essential to show up in the website rankings to generate good leads and website views.

Why Website Ranking Sometimes Doesn’t Show Up?

Website ranking is a paramount aspect of every online business. If your site isn’t showing up in the page rankings, then this can lead to detrimental effects.
It is sometimes seen that search engines are unable to index the webpage properly. The indexing issues may be the outcome of an Algorithm update, lack of content authority & depth, disregarded On-page issues and bad Page experience. But in this digital age where everything is done online, page ranking does matter for end-users’ high footfalls.
So what to do next? To make businesses scale up their rankings, Google has released a URL inspection tool as a part of its search console process. The Google search console works on the views part and provides you with insights that determine how your site functions online.

Functionality Of Google URL Inspection Tool:

One of the tool’s major functions is that it helps in acquiring a detailed index and information sourced directly from the web. Through this detailed analysis, you can troubleshoot the problems that are preventing your site from ranking well.
The tool uses a program called Google bot to rank the website on the web. It also shows the various statistics that help in web page indexing. It also scans the website carefully to see if it truly adheres to Google’s guidelines for indexing. If a site doesn’t adhere to the said guidelines, then Google issues a Manual Action Report.
All this can also be done manually by submitting the sitemap to the Google search console to optimize and analyze the site for indexing. Users can use both the search console and Google inspection tool by signing in with the Google account. This step is necessary for the verification process, and once you are verified, you can easily access the Search Console functions.
For making the URL inspection tool work, you can simply paste the URL on the last crawl and see for yourself if it is there on Google. If the URL is not in Google, then there are high chances of your page not getting indexed properly. Similarly, if there is a page that you do not want to show up in the ranking, then you can direct the same to Google, and the URL inspection tool will not index it.

How To Improve Page Ranking?

It is a dream of every website to show up on the first page of Google rankings, but all this cannot happen overnight. SEO is the main key to making this happen, but it also requires optimization of other Key ranking factors that get updated with the latest Search quality guidelines.
Always remember SEO is a long game, and hence it requires continuous nurturing to yield effective results. Do not try to rush this process instead of focusing on building a comprehensive yet quality content on the site.


Increasing brand awareness and visibility on the web is no child’s play. It can only be achieved by optimizing the content. The more the sites linked to your webpage, the more the chances of Google rankings to scale up instantly and attract more customers towards it.