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With Google ads App campaigns, you’ll be able to promote your iOS or Android app on Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, and a lot more. Mobile app development companies will optimize your App ads with Digital marketing to reach the audience most interested in apps like yours.

Do you have a mobile app? Then if yes, your goal is to increase the number of installations as well as user interactions. Revenue from mobile apps has risen by nearly 80% in 2020 worldwide compared to the previous year because of the recent pandemic and it is forecast to increase, so it is well worth your time to promote your app. Campaigns can increase public awareness of your app as well as the number of installations and user interactions.

You can now choose between 3 different campaign types on Google ads to promote your mobile app. In the following, you will learn which campaign type is right for your advertising goal and how to create these different types of campaigns.

Getting started to Make an easy and clear introduction of your app one sentence should be enough.

Google Ads Mobile App Promotion Campaign

Improved Campaigns are such a big change in how App Campaign management works. While Google focused on the biggest changes when announcing the news, some smaller new features and improvements can’t get as much attention, if any.

One of those latest features is a new ad type specifically created to address the above use case: the Google ad App Promotion  Campaign. This new ad type offers some key benefits to mobile app developers and marketers:

  • Create an app promotion campaign
  • Set Target audience,Location and Demographics
  • Promote apps with Text & Display ads
  • Track number of App download on Google analytics measuring the performance of your campaign

Mobile users could find and install your app right from the SERP on their devices with only one click.

Google automatically figures out the details; for example,

  • If your app only runs on iPhone, Google won’t display your ad to Android users and/or on tablets based on your target settings.
  • Best performing ads will be promoted frequently to keep campaign at maximum potential

App developers can use these Google ads to get a large number of installs and reviews very quickly, which are key for remaining competitive in this recent pandemic.

The new App Campaign is a big enhancement over the previously existing simply click-to-download App Campaign for promoting mobile apps, in that it App Campaign a new ad creation template which makes it easier to set up these ads, and smarter built-in ad targeting intelligence.

For example, we have sometimes felt a bit hard to get the old simply click-to-download App Campaign to work properly for iOS apps.

Why is Google offering this new App Campaign type? Because mobile apps were a $40 billion business last year, by some estimates, with over 800K Android and iPhone apps on the market today.

Enhance Awareness of your App with simple App Campaigns

It’s possible to increase awareness of your app with simple app campaigns. This campaign type is fully automated.

  • The ads, the targeting, and the bids have to be governed daily.
  • Simple app campaigns might be displayed in the search as well as display network and on YouTube.
  • Set daily budget and optimize the app campaign regularly for best results.

Improve User Interactions with Mobile App Engagement Campaigns

It’s possible to reach users who have already installed your app with mobile app engagement campaigns.

Invite these users over the display and search across your network to interact with your app, for instance, created user generated contents,reviews and ratings.

Currently, the mobile app engagement campaigns are in the beta phase but not available to all advertisers.