WP PayPal Payments
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Payment gateways play an important role in the world of ecommerce. It is used for making the payment online using different payment modes. Payment gateway facilitates secure and easy transaction online and transfers the crucial information between the online store and bank. If you are running an online store, then the foremost requirement which comes up is an integration of a payment gateway that handles your payment transaction. The PayPal payment gateway by WooCommerce offers a flexible way to pay without any hassle.

With this PayPal Payment plugin, you will gain control over your customer’s payment experience. The customers can easily checkout and transact without redirecting to another website. It is a secured payment process where the user can simply enter their payment details and do the transaction. Due to the fact of the importance of the security in the transaction, the role of the payment gateway has been always important. 

When any transaction occurs online, then the WooCommerce payment module seamlessly integrate the credit card processing in the account. The setup and configuration of this payment module are easy in simple steps. Once customers enter their credit card information then the PayPal handles the rest of the transaction. It is most customizable payment solution available for building a good reputation of your online business. 

One-Click onboarding

The entire account setup process is simple and easy which you can do from your control panel. With a click process your account will be set up easily, allowing you to provide the transaction facility from your ecommerce store. Once it is connected with your account, then you can easily configure other basic settings and use for your business.

Fraud Protection

Threats to the transaction have also been a major risk. With the fraud protection policy, you can reduce the chances of any fraudulent activity in your online store. 

Compatibility with the WooCommerce Payment tokens 

When a customer buys from your website, then they get an option to save their payment method to their account, so next time they can easily access the information and checkout smoothly. 


The WooCommerce PayPal payment plug in designed by the team of professionals who has ensured that it’s processing of the payment is done easily. Customers can do the payment effortlessly, so they don’t face problems in paying for your service.

Integration and Support

The plugin comes with easy set-up and customization options which you can do it according to the store requirements. These customizations give you more flexibility to offer hassle free payment service to the customers and set up the store as you wanted.

Huge Customer base

As when a customer visits an online store then wanted to be ensured about the confidentially of their payment. With the use of the WooCommerce payment module, every buyer will be able to transact securely without worrying about any potential threats. The payment methods are made flexible and attractive for the buyers where they will like to come again, thus build a good customer base in your business.

Track the transactions

PayPal plugin always takes care of your transactions. The entire transaction data is well organized, which gives the complete details to the customers about their purchase. At any point of time, the customer can check their last transaction details, payment made, recent activity etc. which makes the shopping experience good for the buyers. 

Refund processing

The processing of any refund for the orders can be done easily with this WooCommerce plugin, where the payment for refunds can be easily processed. You can select the payment refund to be issued is either full or partial. 

It is important to have a secure payment gateway integrated with an account so that the customers can easily perform the transaction and have happy shopping experience. With the PayPal Payment plugin, the transaction happens to be fast and secure. It is best suited for every business needs and offers big benefits to both merchants and customers. Moreover, the customers are provided with an intuitive user interface where they can make the transaction faster than before. 

The features available are attractive. Integrating the PayPal plugin into your dashboard will serve with great features and benefits. It is a true enterprise-class solution beneficial for every business type which can configure in different ways according to the business demands. Having easy payment procedures ensures that the customer will have more chances of doing transaction easily, hence increases the sales and reduces the cart abandonment rate. Get PayPal Plugin from Module Bazaar for your store and enjoy secure transactions.