Shipping Method

According to some online store merchants, the shipping process is the difficult task in the eCommerce business industry. They believe that it is not so easy to ship the products from the store to the customers. To make the shipping process very easy, the PrestaShop developers developed a DropShipper module for the PrestaShop eCommerce store. The DropShipper is a retail method which is used to ship the products from the warehouse or the supplier rather than from the retailer to the customers. The DropShipper eCommerce is a shipping method will be more beneficial for the merchants to make their website shipping process very quick and secure. The biggest benefit of using DropShipping is, the merchant need not to worry about the fulfilment or the inventory issues. It is very easy to use the DropShipping method.


PrestaShop DropShipper Module

The advantages of DropShipper

  • DropShipper is an order completion method used to ship the products immediately to the respective customers without keeping the products in the stock.
  • It has the ability to ship the products at anywhere in the world without doing any damage and time delay.
  • The sales report of the DropShipper helps to enhance the business based on the requirements of the business industry.
  • In this DropShipping method, the suppliers take care of the warehousing, packaging, and shipping of the products.
  • DropShipping calculates the shipping rate based on the weight of the product, the location and the purchase quantity of the customer.
  • The DropShipper manages the multiple vendors and the multiple shipping carriers effectively.
  • For each shipping method, it offers different delivery service options, pick up type options, and packaging type options.
  • It generates the monthly or weekly sales report for each vendor.
  • The merchant can easily create his own shipping carriers without investing more money with the help of the DropShipper.

DropShipper for PrestaShop eCommerce website

DropShipper is easily integrated with the PrestaShop based eCommerce website to afford the best shipping process to the merchants and their customers. The DropShipper sends the customer details and the order information from the website to the vendor or the supplier, when the customer places an order in the merchant site (PrestaShop website). The vendor or the supplier can take care of the shipping process by using the given information. It allows the multiple vendors for shipping the products. The shipping rate calculation is very professional, so that the merchant can attract more number of customers towards his PrestaShop site. PrestaShop is combined with many shipping carriers to make the shipping process very easy and safe. The DropShipper supports the shipping carriers such as United States Postal Services (USPS), and FedEx.

The PrestaShop DropShipper allows the different shipping for per vendor. It splits the products in the shopping cart by the vendor and it provides the special Table Rate for each vendor. The vendors can directly ship the products to the customers. It allows the vendors to communicate with the merchants. By using this DropShipping method the merchant can save more time and increases the sales of the products.

Download: PrestaShop DropShipper Module