digital signage

Consider you are going to attend a corporate event. When you step into the event venue, you feel lost as it is a huge place. You have no clue of where to go and whom to approach. The time is running out. What would you do? Search for help desks? Ask people? Don’t you think all this is a waste of quality time? How would you feel if you had stepped into the campus and seen a huge display welcoming the attendees? The display mentioned throughout was a digital signage. Digital signage is not limited to the corporate environment alone. It could be used in multiplexes, schools, colleges anywhere to inform people about something happening around.

A simple email or a notice in the bulletin board doesn’t serve the purpose anymore. People tend to skip it off. A digital signage demands attention and captures the eye of people. It attracts the audience.

  How does a digital signage stand out?

  • You can actually keep delivering information or news in real time. If you conducted an event, you can provide live updates to the audience with a digital signage.
  • They are attractive as the screen is huge; bright and involve the motion of objects.
  • You could probably distribute the digital signage over multiple places of an event like the reception area, the refreshment area and the sitting area.
  • You could keep changing the display in the digital signage
  • It is very cost effective and reduces wastage of resources when compared to printing material for a big crowd
  • It is eco-friendly as it eliminates the requirement to print data

How does a digital signage communicate in a better way?

  • Due to its size and look, it compels the audience to pay attention and note the information on it
  • Use to convey any kind of information from temperature, weather; and also used as a pathfinder, to display upcoming events, to simply pass on an urgent message
  • Use for motivational purposes like a recognition award or a birthday announcement

Who can use digital signage?

The use of digital signage does not limits to any particular industry. The common areas of usage include:

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • School
  • Real estate
  • Events

How does it work?

A digital signage works in collaboration with a content management system. Whenever the content management system updates, then the same reflects on the screen. The complete set up comes with a desktop, downloadable program or a cloud based website depending on the service provider. The digital signage software also includes monitoring and scheduling options.

It is all about reaching out to the audience, the digital way!