dark kitchen
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Dark kitchen is essentially a doorstep food delivery service. Usually, these kitchens do not have formal dining spaces, and customers do not interact with the cooks or waiters. Generally, foods from these restaurants are delivered directly to the customers who have placed orders using separate delivery apps. Some of the essential features of such restaurants are as follows:

Traditional dark kitchen

There is only a single cuisine that is served with the traditional dark kitchen, and there is a single brand that does it. In this format, the food is ordered by customers through restaurant delivery app. These restaurants do not have any formal dining space, and the food is delivered directly to the customers’ homes.

Multi-brand dark kitchen

In such a kitchen, you will find numerous food items from various cuisines. However, the number of food items available on the menu is fixed, and the menu is decided based on analytics. Depending on the demand for the type of food in a particular region, the restaurant menu is decided. Here comprehensive data analytics is carried out to understand the preferences of the customers in the particular region, and the menu is decided according to the result of the analytics.

Takeaway only kitchen

In such a kitchen, customers only have the option of takeaway, and they can place the orders online or come to the kitchen and place the orders personally. The only manner in which such a dark kitchen digresses from the general format allows customers to interact with waiters and employees working in the kitchen. If you were to visit such a dark kitchen, you could talk to the persons working in a dark takeaway kitchen. Interaction between takeaway-based dark kitchen and customers is natural because customers come to the kitchen and place the orders personally.

Aggregator owned dark kitchen

With an aggregator owned dark kitchen, multiple kitchens work in a single large kitchen. Here you have a fleet of operator-owned kitchens, which can help reduce the operational expenses. There are several cuisines served through these kitchens. However, in these kitchens, orders are accepted only through online orders.

Additional framework in aggregator owned dark kitchen

These kitchen types have fixed menus, but these strongly depend on data driven information to decide the amount of food to be cooked. Depending on the previous orders, and the amount of order, the amount of food to be cooked is planned. These are usually the exceptionally well-equipped kitchen and designed to meet the enormous demand that these restaurants receive regularly

Outsourced kitchen

With an outsourced dark kitchen, you will have a partnership between two or more kitchens. Here order received by one kitchen is outsourced to the partner kitchen. You can have a partnership with more than one kitchen. The partnership also outlines the amount of food to be cooked regularly. The final touches on the food items are given in the primary kitchen. The primary kitchen usually receives the orders.


Thus, dark kitchens are unique business organizations designed to meet customer requirements but have minimum interaction with them. Usually, for dark kitchens, orders are received online or through restaurant delivery apps. The menus for these kitchens are fixed and are based on popular demands. All customers have to do is go online, check the respective dishes’ menus, select the food items that they would like to have, and place the orders. Once the payment is completed, the ordered food items will be delivered to their delivery personnel doorstep. The entire process is completed seamlessly with minimum interaction between the customer and the dark kitchens’ employees.