What is culture? We speak about cultural diversity, cultures across geographies and uniting variant cultures. So do you believe that culture still has an impact on the society? With all of us racing towards our own life goals, do you firmly think that culture does influence our lifestyle and attitude? The answer is a definite yes! We might live in a different country amongst people who are unrelated to us. But the fact is that our culture originates from our DNA and will remain there forever. We would have come across people who have migrated to places and are not even aware of their initial origin. Though this being the scenario they would definitely fit into their cultural circle effortlessly. So is it that only people from similar background blend better? The hard truth is yes.

How important is “culture”?

There has been a massive transformation in the manner people think and behave with no time to consider cultural differences and issues. But actually, culture does not breed just like that. It truly exists and is born with the individual. Though we listen to people speak about overcoming cultural bias and uniting the society, there is always an undefined affinity amongst similar groups of the society, in the way they live life and get along. This affinity speaks loads about the whole concept of cultural diversity as this term includes almost everything from the food we eat, the dress we wear, the way we behave, the language we converse and the way we present ourselves.

Influence of culture on us:

Today we needn’t be necessarily residing in the same place where we were born and brought up. With things becoming speedy and geographies connecting across at a rapid pace, people have been travelling vigorously to places for a living. In such a case, the place we live in, the people we communicate with on a constant basis, the lifestyle we are exposed to plays a pivotal role in reshaping our cultural phase of life. Every bit of exposure plays its own individual role in changing us and transforming oneself to a completely different individual on the whole.

Impact of culture on work:

The impact of culture does not limit to our lifestyle but our working style too. We meet new people; we are greatly exposed to people from various geographies at work, at times our job nature demands adapting to vivid geographical cultures during business travel. All these factors have a great impact on our personality. From time to time we tend to shift our individuality based on the cultural scenario we are located in. Though this change does not happen intentionally, it gradually breeds several variations within us.

Impact of culture on human behavior:

There is a deep connection between our culture and our attitude towards life. It is undeniable that certain groups of the society are sober by nature, others react fiercely to situations, some are known for their intelligence and smart work while few others are known for their manual skills. Specialists studying human behavior say that wherever we are or whatever field of career we may be into, there is a definite connection between the actual nature of our cultural background and our behavior.

Though ethnocentrism has mixed views, it does stand right at some point of time. We might have changed due to adaptations but the core is grounded on the culture we belong to.