When you look at websites like Amazon, eBay, or other similar online business giants, the first thing that comes across is that the interface is easy to navigate and extremely user-friendly. The websites are designed in such a manner that anyone can browse it. He or she also finds the product that he or she is looking for with ease. A customer can even read blogs or read reviews about products. This helps customers create a sense of association with the website and the online business portal. 

For developing a clone marketplace like Amazon and eBay, here are some features to look out for:

  • Multiple social logins
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Ease of product listing
  • Responsive design
  • Feature-rich admin panel
  • Advanced search options

If you are thinking of starting an online business, then it would be a good idea to try and develop a site that has a similar look and feel like these established online businesses. At least the website should be easy to navigate, and your customers should find the site easy to understand and navigate. Some of the points that you should consider while developing a website for your company on the lines similar to online business giants are as follows:

Developing a user-friendly website

Customers, while visiting a website, want to be able to navigate the web pages with ease. Hence, it becomes essential that you have the site’s code architecture, URLs, and other functionalities all well-integrated. The User Experience or UX and User Interface UI of your company’s website and mobile application should be excellent. This has a dual advantage. This will help you to develop a broad base of loyal customers.

Moreover, an essential part of eCommerce marketplace development is to attract organic web traffic to the website. This can happen with the help of proper Search Engine Optimization or SEO management. When you develop a user-friendly website, you automatically help create a website that attracts more web traffic. Hence, when you create a website, you must prioritize both the user experience and the user interface.

Cloning of website

One of the easiest ways to create a website on the lines of online business giants is by cloning the existing sites. Some of the vital features of cloned scripts of pre-existing websites are as follows: 

  • This is a legitimate business, where cloned scripts are developed on the lines similar to the pre-existing sites.  
  • Say, for instance, you want to develop a website on the lines of eBay. Here you can opt for two options. You can establish a virtual mall with the help of a cloned script. You can download the script and install it on your own.  
  • Otherwise, opt for Software as a Service or SaaS and have a third party use the cloned script to develop the website. 
  • A cloned script will have features from coding architecture, to SEO tools and even provide you with analytics.
  • The cloned scripts will also have the templates of the particular website which you wish to copy.
  • You can select the template to customize it for your website and then test it.  
  • The important thing is that you will need to test the cloned script and the website that you have developed with the script before you can deploy the site.

The cloned website that you develop will have the look and feel of the template of the original site. However, it will be a completely new website that is designed for the products retailed by your firm.

Thus, with the help of a cloned script, you can simplify the process of developing a website. You can quickly create a website that is user friendly and also has an excellent user interface. Both of these are extremely important for any online business to be a success.