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A recent study reports that almost 40% of current Internet corporations turn away into international eCommerce. Due to this they are facing many challenges to fulfill their orders

Even though, Internet makes it possible for a company to sell their products in an international marketplace through online, several companies aren’t ready to travel international. In this article we will study the overall challenges faced by a company in International ECommerce and solution for the same.

Major Challenges of International ECommerce:

Cross border orders & Global Shipping:

Shipping is the main key in the International ECommerce Systems. Smaller products can be shipped through air transport as the shipping is affordable. But for larger merchandise the shipment through freight forwarder is feasible. The Ecommerce system should support both kinds of Shipment facilities.

Communication Roadblocks:

Another challenge in international eCommerce is developing websites without communication roadblock. It ought to support international audiences, i.e. customers of various country. The websites should also provide interface for translation of one language into another that addresses the culture of the target region or area.

Import and Export Laws/ Tax System:

Each country, province or county have their own law for Ecommerce trading and legal system. The eCommerce system ought to give interface and facility for accommodating such region specific tax system and settings.

Internet Payment Systems & Security:

The International payments are a major concern for the online customers. The eCommerce system should support International Payment System however through a secured channel for payments.

Marketing and Promotion of products:

Many of the eCommerce System lacks in promoting for Marketing and promotion of products through the system.

Top 5 Challenges of ECommerce Websites:

Don’t waste the customer’s time:

Time is the most significant commodity in online shopping. you would like your customers to be ready to notice what they need and perish as quickly as doable.

Lack of browser compatibility:

While 80% of the market uses Microsoft Internet Explorer, failing to design your eCommerce site to figure with other browsers is passing up a huge opportunity

Poor UI design of website:

When a website is not well organized or looks unprofessional, it may have more possibilities to lose the customers.

Poor customer service options:

All eCommerce sites should make it easy to get clarified about products and purchases.

Security concerns of customers:

Many websites fail to acknowledge how apprehensive some shoppers are to enter their sensitive information into unknown eCommerce sites

Other Challenges:

Some of the eCommerce challenges are low conversion rates of orders, high shopping cart abandonment rates, low average order sizes, high bounce rates and low return visitor rates.

Challenges addressed through Open Source ECommerce Systems:

With some simple (and some not-so-simple)changes, an eCommerce site can improve its profitability significantly using the open source technologies and systems.

The Open Source Ecommerce Software such as Grove Cart (from eGrove Systems Corporation), Prestashop, ZenCart and Magento supports totally different Shipping Gateways, Multi-lingual support and translation facilities as well as different currency support.

Grove Cart, Magento, ZenCart also supports location based tax settings and different payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize.net, Google Checkout, etc.


We have in place system for International ECommerce solution using Open Source Technologies such as Grove Cart, Prestashop, Magento, ZenCart and Joomla – Virtue Mart Systems. In future, the growth of international eCommerce is likely to be passionate, as there are vast support from Open Source Communities and entities like eGrove Systems Corporation.