C2C eCommerce solutions

Millions of people around the world love to use eCommerce to buy and sell products and services over the Internet. The different types of eCommerce are, Business to Business eCommerce (B2B eCommerce), Business to Consumer eCommerce (B2C eCommerce), Consumer to Business eCommerce (C2B eCommerce), Consumer to Consumer eCommerce (C2C eCommerce), and many more. The C2C eCommerce is a type of business which involves the electronically facilitated transactions between the consumers through some third party.

Craigslist, eBay.com, and Amazon.com are the best examples for a C2C eCommerce Solution. The biggest benefit of using C2C eCommerce solutions is that the buyers can have direct interaction with the sellers and vice-versa. The sellers can easily manage the list of products and the services to be marketed in the niche market, then the buyers can browse the listed products to make the best choice and they can place instant purchasing orders. It allows the sellers to receive the instant inquiries and the requests for the products through the website. The financial transaction can be easily carried out between the buyer and the seller without the intervention of any third party.

There are many sites offering free classifieds, auctions, and forums where individuals can buy and sell with the help of the payment gateways. It offers a simple way for the consumers sell the products without wasting their time. This type of business differs from a business-to-business model or a business-to-consumer model because consumers interact directly with each other. Most of the people prefer this eCommerce solution for their business because it offers many advantages to the users. If you wish to use this eCommerce solution for your business, then hire professional and experienced development team who can offer quality services at an affordable cost. They can offer C2C solutions for sellers with the means to list their items and services for sale.

You can receive and track the purchase inquiries and requests through the website. Your customers can look the listed products and services and place purchase order online. The money transactions are carried out directly from the websites through different online payment systems like PayPal, Authorize.net etc., between the buyer and seller. Important features or functionalities of the C2C web application are:

  • The same customer can act as both the buyer as well as seller
  • This online marketplace will allow buyers to browse products by using different criteria like From your city, Best Sellers, Most Popular Product And different other search criteria.
  • The buyers can purchase products from multiple sellers.
  • The significant feature of our C2C project is Item wish list functionality.
  • In this the buyers can represent the product list they wish to buy.
  • Different sellers can bid on the items in the products wish list listed by the buyers, so the buyer can get different best prices & offers from sellers.
  • This market place enables sellers to sell their products by registering in C2C website.
  • The social media linking functionalities includes, community or forum discussion and blog and other social media website link’s interface.
  • The back end interface includes the features for the administrator to manage, buyer & seller accounts, payment setting management and gallery setting, etc.

There are many other C2C eCommerce sites, such as the award-winning bizrate.com shopping site, China’s eBay-style taobao.com site, and a handcraft marketplace at etsy.com. Hire best service provider for the best C2C eCommerce Development. Enhance your online business through this eCommerce solution.