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Online stores have become very popular around the world. Many people now prefer to shop online instead of physically going to a retail store. Did you know that in the United States, no new shopping malls have been constructed since 2006? Brick and mortar companies are all shifting to ecommerce to cater to local and global markets.

But while you have access to a number of products online and you can buy anything from any website, there are still a couple of things that you should not purchase online.

Big Ticket Items

If you are considering buying an expensive product, never buy it without first checking it yourself. This is something that you cannot do online. When it comes to research and price comparisons regarding different products, use the internet by all means, for there are tons of reviews that can help you to make better buying decisions. But when it comes to buying expensive electronics, hardware, smartphones, and tablets etc., it is smart to visit a brick and mortar store to inspect and evaluate the product, before paying for it.

In case the product turns out to be faulty or malfunctioned, you can get it exchanged there are then as opposed to sending it back online which can take days, even weeks, leaving you worried if you are ever going to get it back.


Furniture is expensive and should be shopped traditionally instead of clicking and adding it to the shopping cart online, unless you need an item that isn’t available in the country. But if you are spending a lot of money on massage chairs, sofas, or reclining chairs, it is best that you go and try them out first. See if the recliner is working or if the sofa or the mattress is indeed as comfortable as the manufacturers have boasted about it.

Also, due to the fact that furniture is generally very heavy, their shipping costs are high too and you may end up paying more in shipping than the original product which is not a smart thing to do when you can just drive to your nearest store and check out the things yourself. This can save you quite a bit of a hassle.

Prescription drugs

Last but not least, avoid buying prescription medicine from online pharmacies and stores:

  • According to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, 97% of websites out of a total of 10,000 evaluated were labeled to be non complaint according to US law and pharmacy standards. 88% of online pharmacies do not ask for a prescription
  • 49% use foreign or non-FDA approved medications
  • 41% have server sites in foreign companies
  • 16% percent do not have secure sites

The Food and Drug Administration along with authorities from over 90 countries participated in seizing over $41 million in non complaint and illegal medicine which were made available through illegal websites.

So, the next time you consider shopping online, make sure that you avoid buying the aforementioned products online.