business analysis

Business Analysis:

Business analysis is the discipline of recognizing business needs and regulate solutions to business issues. Solutions may include a systems development element and may and will additionally incorporates improvement method or organizational change or strategic planning and policy development.

IT Business Analyst:

IT Business Analysts are the one who work specifically on developing software systems. Each organization may have its own concepts concerning the role, skills, responsibilities and expectations for the Business Analyst.

Modern Business Analyst – A Definition:

The Business Analyst is termed as communicator, because they acts as the bridge between the requirements (the client) and the software solution (the development team).

Business analyst

Business analyst

Role of the IT Business Analyst:

First, in the project initiation phase, the Business Analyst are expected to investigate, formulate & agree terms of reference, and establish relationships.

Then, in the analysis and specification phase, the Business Analyst may explore business systems, to establish and agree business requirements, establish cultural and organizational changes required and advise on technology choices.

In the design phase, the Business Analyst will propose, outline, design & specify business requirements, to design manual interfaces and design implementation & training processes.

In the build phase, the Business Analyst have to liase with the technical services provider, and plan/build/present system.

After build phase, the Business Analyst may also be expected to liase and manage acceptance testing in the Testing Phase. 

Finally, in the implementation phase, the Business Analsyt will liase and manage the implementation.

A Business Analyst might analyze them involved in some or all of the above roles.

Skills of an IT Business Analyst:

Business Analyst need  experience in using wide range of tools and techniques with good personality and inter-communication skills. 

Whilst the modern Business analyst performs crucial role in software development, the real skills needed for achievement aren’t technology centrical. At the core of the Business Analyst’s skills are process modeling, requirements gathering and requirements specification. However, the Business Analyst has a highly visible role in the project and extends through the lifetime of the project


Nowadays, Business Analysts performs the business process analysis, the requirements specification and the outline design. Also, they concentrate on acceptance testing and systems implementation work.