Food Delivery

Who doesn’t enjoy ordering food with simple clicks of a button? You can have Sushi, Chicken, Seafood, vegetables, and desserts from your favorite restaurant in one tap. That’s what the food services are for. They allow you to have your favorite meals delivered to your doorsteps within a few minutes of ordering. 

When it comes to food delivery, Uber Eats and Grubhub are the two names that pop up in our heads. These companies have catered to the thousands of home food delivery requirements during the pandemic. They are still customers’ favorite for a comfortable home-dining experience.

In this post, we will compare Grubhub and Uber Eats, and Doordash. Let’s see which one is the best.


Availability: 4000+ cities in America

Fees: Vary by food and restaurants

Grubhub operates in more than 4,000 cities in the States and across London, UK. Grubhub tops our list of the best home food delivery services for a few reasons. One, it has an extensive reach. The company is associated with all types and sizes of restaurants nationwide. So, it’s a perfect choice for all audiences. 

You can use the search bar to find food by the restaurant or cuisine name. It shows you the menus, cost, and other instructions for the meal you have selected. Once you’ve placed an order, you can track the delivery within the app. Use the app regularly to get special offers and rewards on your favorite food. It also has an option that allows you to give instructions to the drivers regarding where they should deliver the food.

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Availability: 24 countries and 500+ cities

Fees: 15% of the order’s total 

Subscription plan: $9.99 a month

UberEats operate worldwide in more than 20 countries, covering 500 towns. The company expanded its market worldwide by opening UberEats – the app that connects customers to their favorite restaurants in the city. You can search for your favorite cuisines, restaurants, cafes, or food places nearby. 

If you’ve used Uber Ride services, you’ll face no difficulty using the UberEats app. You can track your food delivery in real-time, call the restaurant for special instructions, search for foods available at a discounted offer, and make the payment within the app. For the payment, some restaurants allow you to pay the delivery man upon delivery while others ask you to pay through credit/debit cards or other digital cash wallets before the delivery. You also get a 15% discount on orders above $15. 


Availability: Operates in more than 4000 cities in Canada, America, and Australia

Fees: Depend on the restaurant

Subscription plan: $9.99 a month

DoorDash is another excellent option for customers looking for a versatile app to order in. It has an extensive reach (more than UberEats and Grubhub). Plus, it offers you a wonderful selection of cuisines and restaurants to choose from. 

You can filter the search results by your favorite restaurant or search for the food by name. Schedule your food delivery for a suitable time and track the delivery in real-time. Like the other two apps, you can give special instructions to the driver for contactless delivery. You can save on the delivery charges if you buy its subscription plan at $9.99 a month.

These apps became famous during the pandemic when dining out was not an option for food lovers. Now that the restrictions are lifted and things have gotten back to normal, we are expecting the demand for home delivery services to increase from here. If you can’t choose between the top three, UberEats is your best bet for affordable, quick, and delicious meals.