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Exercise has become an indispensable element of our everyday life. With the kind of unhealthy environment around us, we have been pushed to a compulsion to strictly follow any one kind of exercise regime rather than doing it for sheer pleasure. Who wouldn’t like to be healthy? Walking is a simplest form of working out which could do wonders in keeping health concerns at bay. Medical specialists say that it is necessary to walk briskly for at least 30 min a day to remain away from disorders like obesity, cardiac problems, diabetes and so on. Walking though sounds to be a very casual activity plays a significant role in protecting & keeping us hail and healthy.

Beginning the walking routine:

Though there are no hard and fast prerequisites for starting to walk, there are definitely few do’s and don’ts which one will need to follow for safety purposes.

  • Begin with a simple walk of probably 10 to 15 min. ideally; break a 30min walk into small sessions.
  • Ensure that you wear comfortable clothes and footwear to prevent fall and injuries.
  • If you are working out for the first time, make sure to warm up by flexing your arms and legs to avoid muscle fitness and pain.
  • Try to walk in an empty stomach or rather after a fluid intake to help boosting metabolism and to be light on your stomach.
  • If you are a social person or feel lonely, try to get connected to social walking clubs or take some of your friends with you to divert your mind.
  • Take small steps, walk at your own pace to avoid muscle injury.

How does walking help you?

Walking is also called as a weight-bearing exercise, it helps you hold and bear your own weight.

  • It helps you improve your cardiovascular and lung fitness to a great extent.
  • Helps fight obesity and also excess weight related disorders
  • Supports you in shedding off unwanted weight, the healthier way
  • Gives you better body balance and also stronger bones
  • It strengthens muscles and joints
  • Improves conditions of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and also diabetes

A medical study involving inactive women says that a brisk physical activity of 75 minutes in a week could save them from major medical issues.  Don’t you think it’s high time we ought to give it a serious thought?

Fall in love with walking:

The best way to religiously follow a walking regime is to add it as a part of our daily life. To make life interesting you can follows these things:

  • Walking with your dog
  • Walk in your neighborhood streets looking around
  • Walking with your friends
  • Take different routes as you walk every day for recreation
  • You could further drive to parks located a bit away from your house and then begin walking around there.

Most of us though conscious about our health either do not have the time or simply do not want to get into our gym clothes and walk on the tread mill. Walking is perhaps a good alternative for such folks to maintain a perfect balance between personal interest and fitness.