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In any eCommerce mobile app development project, transparency in privacy and security practices ensure open & honest communication of the status of the project in the most real-time scenario as possible.

In any agile mobile app development process, it ensures the delivery of an open forum in which the stakeholders are given complete control of all major aspects of the project. Some of the important aspects that are included in any transparent privacy or security policy are:

  • The overall progress of the eCommerce mobile app development project
  • Impediments and blockers as they would arise
  • Access to the app development codes, product definitions, and designs
  • Changes to the feature sets and delivery dates
  • Other major KPIs

Integrating Transparency and Security Policy in Mobile App Development

Smartphones and tablets have become increasingly popular in the modern era. As such, there are several eCommerce app development companies out there into the tasks of developing feature-rich apps that serve the purposes of the end customers. However, while thousands of apps are being developed on a daily basis, most companies do not test the app for relevant transparency or security.

As per a recent study report, it has been observed that around 11.6 million devices remain vulnerable to threats or attacks.This is the reason why it is important to ensure the delivery of a proper security policy when it comes to mobile app development

The mobile app security and transparency are known to define the total protection an application on the respective mobile devices tends to possess from the existing malware, acts of phishing, and other harmful crimes by the hackers.

As a mobile app development company, if you wish to integrate the notions of transparency and security in the mobile app development process, here are some important pointers to keep in mind:

Perform Auditing at the Initial Stages :

For building relevant mobile app development security, the respective security group should analyze the underlying dangers. It will better help in comprehending the prerequisites for application security.

Ensure Threat Modeling :

During the given phase, security checking on the given group should cooperate with the development phase for highlighting the zones in which delicate data might be present. For achieving top-notch security for the mobile apps, the mobile app development process should ensure risk demonstrations.

Reviewing the Code :

Amid the development processes, relevant testing is vital. It helps in ensuring both transparency as well as security for mobile app utilization by the end users.

Risk Analysis :

For ensuring top-level mobile app development security, in-depth quality check is important before ending up to the client’s access. The application is expected to be totally tried with specific characterized parameters for diminishing the overall dangers of using the mobile app.

Evaluation of the Risks :

Once the steps of identifying the basics for limiting the overall dangers are complete, the mobile app development process should divide and execute the fundamentals. Upon overseeing the processes for executing the most reasonable steps, the issues get resolved instantly for ensuring maximum mobile app security.


Without proper transparency in the security & privacy aspects of the app development process, the app could be a potential threat to the clients and their customers. Mobile app development service providers are expected to consider these aspects to protect the overall privacy of customer centric data and information.