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This is the age of smartphones and tablets and this is why it becomes imperative for businesses to create mobile apps to rev up their operations and provide a platform which allows customers to purchase products and services directly through their smart devices. So, how can you create an effective mobile application? Well, here are a few mistakes to avoid when creating a mobile app and how to fix them which can guarantee success with your mobile app:

1)   Platform Considerations: 

Windows, Android, iOS: which operating system should your mobile app be compatible with? This is a question most app developers and businesses have to face when determining the success of their mobile application. While this may sound a bit cliché, Android is the number-one platform when it comes to promoting your products and services through apps. A survey in 2012 showed more than 604 million people in the US downloaded Android apps. Therefore, it is better to go for an operating system which is used all around the world or perhaps create a mobile app which can run on all three of the top operating systems.

2)   Too Many Features

Is doing too much a mistake? Well, yes it definitely is and this is why it is imperative to abide by the universal thought ‘too much of something is bad’. Usually, when developers get the platform consideration right, they go wrong in the features part! Whether it’s an iPad app or an app for some other OS, do not overload your mobile app with too many features, as this leads to unnecessary clutter. End users want an app which is easy to use and is not overloaded with features. You can take a look at a few popular messaging apps, such as Viber, Whatsapp, and Hangout and take some useful tips.

3)   Design Interface Failure

93% of app developers target smartphones, when developing a mobile app. The average cost of developing an iOS app is approximately $27,500 and for an Android app it is $23,700. However, the cost may increase depending on the number of features you want to add and how attractive you want the design interface to be.
And, since the first impression is the last, you have just one shot at promoting your mobile app to a new customer. This is why it becomes important for businesses to have a mobile app which has an easy-to-use design interface. The design interface plays an equally important role in promoting your businesses products and services.

4)   Client Orientated

While many businesses are successful in creating a mobile app which does not carry useless clutter, supports all types of platforms and has a beautiful design interface, they usually miss out on the main area of concern which is whether the mobile app is client oriented or not. Therefore, make sure the mobile app you create is as a client driven as possible. Remember that the whole idea of developing a mobile app is to address certain client and viewer requirements.

So, now that you are familiar with the mistakes mentioned above and how to fix them, creating an effective mobile application won’t be a problem.